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Our Black Frame Glasses Collection

Black frame glasses for men & women

What’s more timeless than a classic black frame? This trend has enjoyed more popularity than any other over the ages, thanks to its classic look and mystic ability to suit just about anyone. They look fantastic with every face shape and complexion. And like any neutral shade, they’re perfectly easy to match any outfit!

black glasses in oval frame

A fashion staple that’s sticking around

Whether you’re a fan of thick-nerd glasses or minimalist thin-rimmed specs – black frame glasses can deliver some serious style. At Mouqy, we stock a huge variety of black frame glasses in different shapes, finishes, and thicknesses. Dig in and find your favorite today.

black glasses in round frame

Black Glasses - Anything But Boring

Black glasses have truly never been out of style since the dawn of eyewear. Here are just four of many reasons we love them:

1. They work beautifully with any skin tone or hair color

Black frame glasses look equally great on both warm and cool, and dark or light skin tones. Plus, they can also work for virtually any shade of hair.

2. They’re chameleons of style

Like most neutral shades (pun totally intended), black frames are a dream to match with any outfit and are ridiculously easy to style. Instead of needing to coordinate an outfit that complement your glasses, you can wear whatever you like and just throw on your favorite black glasses at the end to pull it all together. So whether you’re feeling preppy, professional, goth or geek – black glasses are your new best friend.

3. They’re versatile enough for any occasion

Need an accessory you can bring just about anywhere? Black glasses can work perfectly for any kind of occasion: wear them to your fancy client meetings, on those hot dinner dates, out to a wedding, and on-the-go. These frames do all the hard work for you.

4. They’re as timeless as it gets

Fashion trends come and go, but we’re convinced black glasses are forever. They were one of the earliest iterations of eyewear, and we can’t see them going out of fashion anytime soon.

Do black eyeglasses look good on everyone?

You bet. They can go well with virtually any skin tone, eye color, hair color or face. Blue eyes, brown hair, red hair – you name it. Even better, black glasses do a beautiful job in framing your eyes and making them look brighter in contrast.
However, that’s not to say that any pair of black glasses look their best on every face. Because these dark frames are so bold on a face, it’s especially important to find yourself a pair that complements and balances your facial features well.
It all starts with being aware of your face shape so that you can understand which frame shape can flatter your features in all the best ways. If you’re trying to narrow down the right shape for your glasses – check out our guide on choosing glasses for your face shape.

Celebrities and style icons who rocked black framed glasses

Black framed glasses have been such a staple throughout eyewear history that it’s impossible to name every celebrity or style icon that’s worn them proudly.
The obvious one is Buddy Holly in the 1950s, who was one of the first rockstars to sport their specs on stage. His thick bold black browline specs have become almost as synonymous with him as his music. They were also an important style on the big screen – for example, the black cat-eye frames on the effortlessly stylish Jean Seberg in the French New Wave classic À bout de souffle (Breathless).
Today, we can see style icons of all ages wearing black frames – from Iris Apfel to Johnny Depp and just about any Kardashian.

Can black glasses look too harsh?

Many people tend to associate black glasses with the thick and bold frames of the nerd glasses aesthetic. As much as we love our chunky framed rectangular and cat eye glasses, we get that the style might not be for everyone.
If you want to wear black glasses a little more subtly, simply opt for thinner frames. For example, semi-rimless or rimless frames, or a semi-transparent black frame that won’t overwhelm your features.

Do black glasses make you look older?

Good news – black glasses can be tremendously flattering to wearers of all ages. Contrary to some belief – they can actually lend older wearers a more youthful look, especially when the frame is something big and chunky. Just look at the style icon Iris Apfel and her bold power frames! Check out our guide to other glasses to help you look younger if that’s something you’re interested in.
On the other end of the spectrum, many younger folk reach for black glasses to help them look a little more mature and sophisticated. We can’t promise our black glasses will make anyone smarter – but they can certainly help you look it!

What other frame colors could work for you?

As much as we love our black frames, there’s no reason to stop there. We offer a range of glasses in other neutral shades, or you can try something like tortoiseshell which is a softer variation of a dark frame. Have a play around with our Virtual Try-On feature when you’re off exploring Mouqy’s latest collections.

Find your dream black frame glasses today

At Mouqy, we offer a wide range of different styles of black glasses that not only look good, but are functional too! Our black frame glasses come with the option of blue light blocking lenses, to help protect your eyes and your sleep patterns from any negative effects of digital screens. Ordering from our online store is easy – all you need is an up to date eye prescription.

Frequently asked questions

Who can wear black frame glasses?

The great thing about black frame glasses is that they can suit just about any face shape, skin tone and hair color. The trick is just to make sure you pick a frame shape and thickness that suits your face shape. There are also a lot of variations of black frames – from thin black wireframes, to chunky acetates – so you have a lot of room to get creative!

Are black glasses in style?

Black glasses have been a popular choice from the 50s and have never really gone out of style. You can catch them easily on the catwalk today, as well as on the faces of celebrities and influencers such as Oprah Winfrey, Zooey Dechanel and Johnny Depp.

Do black glasses go with everything?

Like other neutral shades, black glasses are notoriously easy to style with just about any outfit. This makes them a good choice for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

Should I get brown or black glasses?

Both brown and black glasses are popular choices of eyewear color because they are easy to style and flatter just about every skin and hair color. Brown glasses can lend the wearer a slightly softer look than bold black glasses. Alternatively, if you’d like to incorporate both brown and black in your eyewear, you can also opt for the classic tortoiseshell pattern for some extra visual interest.