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Our Red Glasses Collection

red glasses with cat eye frame

Eye-catching red frames

When it comes to making a fun statement with eyewear, nothing comes close to a fiery red frame. Bold, classy, and just a bit sassy, you’ll surely stand out in specs as vibrant as your personality.

High impact styles

No matter the hue, shape or material, a red frame always wows and commands attention. You can never go wrong with a fashionable cat-eye, but square and oversized styles are just as memorable and visually stunning.

red glasses with cat eye frames

All About Red Glasses

The significance of red

Just as red lipstick gives a woman confidence, red glasses have also been providing the same empowering effect throughout history. From Sally Jessy Raphael’s iconic oversized glasses to Elton John’s ruby-tinted specs in every shape imaginable, the audacious shade was, and still remains to be, everyone’s go-to when it comes to channeling their most fearless self.

How to choose red glasses

No two pairs of red glasses are the same. For anyone who dares to wear this striking hue, consider starting your search by looking for frames that are naturally flattering on your face shape. An ubiquitous cat eye is great for drawing the eye upward, while a square style contours and adds a touch of retro to your look.
Another thing to consider when searching for the perfect red frame is your skin tone. Blue-based reds will look amazing against a cool toned complexion, whereas orange-reds are perfect for those with warm undertones.
No matter the hue, a red frame will always be a fashion statement of its own. A scarlet frame adds just the right amount of color to a neutral wardrobe, and provides contrast to any jewel toned fit. But, if you’d like something a bit more muted, a deep red or wine-colored frame will always be an elegant choice, especially if you find black frames too stark. Similarly, you can also try a two-toned frame for a fun pop of red.

Vintage feel, modern tech

Here at Mouqy, we’ve got nostalgic styles inspired by the 70s made modern by the latest in eyewear technology. With high-index options for folks with high prescriptions and special blue light blocking lenses, eyeglass wearers of all ages can enjoy fashionable and functional eyewear at prices that are just right. And for our fashionistas who don’t need vision correction, we’ve got non-prescription glasses available too.

Frequently asked questions

Red symbolizes passion, strength, and power. It’s a highly influential shade that’s destined to be worn by people born to stand out.

Red glasses will always be in style, and come in several frame shapes and materials for every mood, occasion, or personal aesthetic.

You bet! You can find red glasses in every shape, hue and size imaginable, making it incredibly flattering across every face shape and skin tone.

Absolutely. D-frame and rectangle styles are fashion-forward yet masculine, while a round frame strikes the perfect balance between artistic and refined.

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