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Elton John with Glasses: An Iconic Look

Phoebe Jade

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Phoebe Jade

Updated: 12 June 2024 •  
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Did you know Elton John made a full demo of Circle of Life, from Disney’s massive hit animated movie The Lion King, in just 90 minutes? That’s pure musical genius right there. The singer-songwriter has many accomplishments in his career that spans six decades.
Here, we look at who the living legend is, some of his career highlights, his style, and of course, the array of Elton John eyewear that many only wished they could rock themselves.

Who is Elton John?

Born in Middlesex, England, on March 25, 1947, Elton John was a piano child prodigy and became a Royal Academy of Music scholar at 11. However, after he discovered rhythm and blues, he transitioned to pop.
The superstar has recorded over 450 songs, many of which he co-wrote. He has ten #1 songs in the UK and eight #1 albums. He’s sold over 300 million records all over the world. His famous songs include Tiny Dancer, Candlelight in the Wind, and I’m Still Standing.

Elton John’s style evolution

The living music legend has always geared toward a more flamboyant style. From the late ’60s to even the 2010s, photos showcase a man with a striking, never-flagging style of dress.
elton john style evolution

Elton John performed in 1974 (left), in 1985 (middle), and in 2018 (right) with funky suits and glasses. Source: EW

Another flamboyant figure in the industry said to have influenced Elton John’s style is Tony King, perhaps because they were friends.
Aside from his lavish outfits, John is known for his passion for eyewear. And it’s not just the usual dark-rimmed square glasses. He often chose the most interesting pair, to say the least, to accessorize his look.

Elton John & his round glasses

When announcing his concert tour in ‘76, the global star wore a white suit (somehow muted considering what he has worn in the past) and some funky round glasses at a press conference. Pretty sure all eyes were on him, not just because he is the star of the show but also because his eyewear is pretty out there.
elton john in funky round glasses

Elton John may be wearing some normal-looking clothes, but the glasses add a touch of whimsy to his look. Source: Esquire

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jocose round tortoise front view

Mouqy’s round Jocose frames let you strike a stunning Elton John-like profile.


Elton John & oversized square glasses

Dressing up is fun, even if you’re just staying at home. In this iconic photo of the music superstar, he sports an extravagant stage outfit. The white suit has feather trimmings which he paired with oversized square rhinestone-encrusted glasses.
elton john in oversized sunglasses

This iconic photo of an iconic Elton John eyewear was taken in 1973. Source: Rolling Stone

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rosa geometic beige gold front view

Mouqy’s oversized Rosa frames in tortoiseshell print.


Elton John & tinted glasses

Who would’ve known that a child piano prodigy from England would someday have his own special Barbie dressed up like himself? It was released by the doll company Mattel as part of the 45th-anniversary celebration of his historic, sold-out concerts at the Dodger Stadium.
The music icon is sporting an all-black ensemble, but he made sure to add color to his look by rocking a pink-tinted pair of eyeglasses.
elton john in pink tinted glasses

The music icon is all smiles posing with his special Barbie. Source: USA Today

This pair may not be tinted, but it’s perfect for channeling your inner Sir Elton John. Aside from accentuating your features in all the right way, our Hipster eyeglasses have temple arms with beautiful gun-metal coloring and a crystal, grayish-blue frame.
You can easily take urban professionalism to the edge with this eyewear.
hipster in clear frame

Mouqy’s oval Hipster frames in transparent blue.


Elton John & unique glasses

Two words. Dame Edna. A quick search online will show you how inspired by the character this eyewear is. Elton John sported these glasses at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2019. Of course, the music legend is unapologetic with his gold sequined.
elton john in dame edna glasses

The Dame Edna glasses surely don’t feel out of place paired with Elton John’s outfit. Source: Smooth Radio

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natty cat eye black tortoise front view

Mouqy’s black-white Natty cat eye frames.


Why Elton John wears glasses

In the biography “The Buddy Holly Story,” Elton John explained that he started wearing eyeglasses at 13 because he was copying the late star. Buddy was a bespectacled rockstar of the ‘50s, credited with a heavy influence on the early days of rock and roll.
John’s music has rock influences, so it’s no surprise he looked up to Holly.
Talking to Vogue in 2022, Elton John said he’d been born a bit nearsighted (myopic). The available glasses in England around that time weren’t very good, but when he went to America in the ‘70s, he was pretty surprised by the array of choices.
He found a shop in L.A. that customized his glasses for him. From there, the whole “EJ wearing funky glasses” became a thing. That technically only ended in 2002 when the music icon got some lens implants, so he doesn’t need prescription eyewear anymore.
However, he just likes wearing glasses, so he continues the lifestyle. He now owns frames with no lenses.

Elton John’s personal glasses collection

If you’re wondering how many glasses the music superstar owns, Elton John claimed he has 250,000 pairs. Talk about a massive collection! With that many glasses, there’s no doubt he loves his eyewear.
From modern styles to vintage classics, each mood must have a different flavor. Elton John’s style has been out-of-the-box for decades, so he’s clearly as discerning when choosing his eyewear as he is when writing and performing music.
In the Vogue interview, he said that glasses had played an essential role in his career. In another interview, he said, “It’s not just about glasses; it’s about changing the way people see themselves.” He also tweeted, “I’m just not myself without my glasses.”
His statements show that glasses are a big part of his life, and he sees them as a way to give himself some confidence. His affinity for glasses is inspiring and a little contagious; if you look at his style, it quickly becomes clear why.

Take your cue from Elton John’s eyewear

Elton John is a global icon. Millions of people know him and his unapologetic, out-of-the-ordinary outfits. He makes use of fashion to make a statement and express himself. You should take inspiration from the music superstar. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self. Rock those fun glasses.
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Phoebe Jade

Written by:

Phoebe Jade

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