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Retro glasses for men & women

In love with the groovy 60s? The over-the-top chunky shapes of the 80s? At Mouqy, we offer a huge collection of retro glasses that include bold geometric shapes, mod designs and funky colors. Whether you want to channel your inner Ray Charles, Audrey Hepburn or Elvis – we have your back.

retro glasses with aviator frame

Timeless retro styles for every decade

Forget boring! You can cop our retro eyewear styles in both prescription and non-prescription. What’s more – most of our retro glasses come updated with cutting-edge tech such as blue light blocking lenses, which makes them perfect for modern lifestyles.

retro glasses with tortoise shell and clear frames

All About Our Retro Glasses

We love a good throwback! With their funky spirit and unforgettable shapes, we aren’t surprised that retro style glasses are making a huge comeback.
What’s interesting is that there’s no one way to define retro glasses. This category comprises a huge range of frames that just feel timeless thanks to their frame shapes and colors that invoke a bygone era. They can be designed from a range of modern materials and finishes; metal or acetate, matte or shiny.

Our favorite eyewear decades and styles

Many retro-lovers gravitate towards rounded, metallic, browline and cat-eye frames. But why stop there? Here are just some of our favorite retro styles:

  • Round-frame glassesPopular both in the roaring 20s and the hippie days of the 60s – perfectly round glasses look sophisticated on the modern wearer. Most contemporary glasses are slightly more oval shaped, so perfectly round glasses have a distinctive retro feel.

  • Thick framesSometimes known as hipster glasses or nerd glasses, these thick-frame glasses in dark shades have an undeniably retro and 30s feel.

  • Browline glassesThese glasses follow and emphasise the brow, and had their heyday in the mid-20th century.

  • Cat-eye framesHugely popular in the 50s and 60s This classic shape never goes out of style with their flattering upswept rims. We love them in tortoiseshell and in bold shades.


Styling your new retro frames

A great thing about retro glasses is that they pair really well with modern wardrobes. You don’t need to wear a fully old-school outfit (unless you want to!)
Styles such as cat-eye and browline frames look fantastic with almost anything. We love contrasting some classy retro frames with casual outfits like jeans and oversized blazers. Thick and chunky retro frames can add a lot of attitude to a dressed-up look.
The key is to choose a retro style that you feel helps you express who you are. And have fun along the way!

Taking retro styles into the modern age

At Mouqy, we blend retro styles with the best of modern eyewear tech. The result is something that’s both old-school, and truly functional.
Most of our frames come with the option of blue-light blocking lenses which make them the perfect accessory to protect your eyes against the harmful blue light that is emitted from device screens. We also offer the option of high-index lenses, which allows anyone who requires strong prescriptions to wear thinner lenses.
We also combine our lenses with multiple functional coatings to improve their durability.

Frequently asked questions

Are retro glasses in style?

You bet! Part of the appeal of retro glasses is that many of them have timeless styles that have stayed relevant to this day, and can take a modern wardrobe to the next level. Many influencers and celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Johnny Depp can be seen out and about, rocking retro style glasses.

Are cat eye glasses retro?

Cat eye glasses are a timeless retro classic that were hugely popular in the 1950s and 60s. They were particularly popular around the post-war era, but have stayed stylish until this day and can be seen on celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Rihanna.

Where can I buy retro glasses?

Retro glasses can easily be purchased online via eyewear retailers. At Mouqy, we stock a huge selection of retro glasses that span every decade, and we’ve updated them with technology such as blue-light blocking lenses.

Do round retro glasses suit every type of face?

Generally speaking, round retro glasses can be more flattering on angular face shapes – such as square, rectangular and diamond shaped faces. The trick is to contrast your frame shape with your face shape in order to balance things out. Faces that are large or round may want to avoid very small round retro glasses.

Can you get non-prescription retro glasses?

If you want to rock retro glasses but don’t need a prescription – you have plenty of options! At Mouqy, we offer most of our retro styles in non-prescription form – you simply need to select the ‘plano’ lens option as you check out. They make the perfect stylish accessory.