Do you want your glasses to tell others you mean business? Get professional specs. As an accessory, they can instantly make you feel – and look – like a boss.
Let’s examine what defines ‘professional’ specs, what to consider when getting a pair, and how to prevent eye strain while working.

What counts as professional specs?

Professional glasses are often sported in various settings, specifically where maintaining a polished appearance is crucial.
The corporate world is one everyday environment where you’ll witness people donning these sophisticated eyepieces. They exude confidence and style, ensuring the wearer leaves a lasting impression during meetings or presentations.
office workers wearing professional glasses while typing on their laptops

Professional glasses are often sported in various settings, specifically where maintaining a polished appearance is crucial.

Another prominent set is during professional events, such as conferences, where networking opportunities arise, and a well-groomed appearance can make all the difference.
People also often perceive glasses-wearers as more intelligent and reliable. That’s why professionals like lawyers and doctors, who need to instill trust in their clients, favor these glasses.
So, professional glasses help elevate one’s credibility and authority in diverse scenarios, from boardrooms to courtrooms.

What to consider when choosing professional specs

It’s essential to consider the type of work you’ll be doing in them when choosing the perfect pair of professional specs.
Think about the specific demands of your job and how your eyewear should meet those needs—do they need to be durable, flexible, or offer special lens coatings?

1. The type of work you do is important

a woman wearing a pair of professional looking glasses while using the laptop

If you use your computer for long hours at work, choose glasses designed to reduce eye strain from blue light from digital screens.

If your job involves extensive computer use, opt for lenses designed to reduce eye strain caused by blue light emitted from digital screens – like blue light glasses.
On the other hand, if your work primarily comprises reading and analyzing documents, select lenses that provide the perfect magnification, ensuring maximum comfort and productivity.
As for those in customer service or other indoor job environments, consider lenses that offer suitable protection from harsh lighting while maintaining excellent visual clarity for interactions.

2. Comfort and durability are essential for the workday

It’s also crucial to consider factors such as the durability and comfort of your glasses, as they directly influence your day-to-day experience at work. You want a pair that can withstand daily wear and tear while providing ultimate comfort for long hours of use – like titanium frames.
Don’t just settle for a stylish design – balance aesthetics and functionality. After all, specs that don’t easily get damaged and fit perfectly will enhance your professional appearance and boost your productivity and overall job satisfaction.

3. Coatings and other factors can improve usability

You can also get specs that have added features that can enhance your work performance. Anti-reflective coating is one such fantastic feature. This special coating reduces distracting reflections, making it easier to focus on your computer screen, paperwork, or even your colleagues during meetings.
Plus, you’ll never have to worry about being momentarily blinded by glare when trying to concentrate. Investing in specs with this convenient and stylish feature will make your work life much more enjoyable and visually comfortable.

Our favorite classic professional spec designs

While there are a lot of designs available for professional specs, these are classic and won’t likely ever go out of style:

Thin-rimmed round eyeglasses

Mouqy’s Designer in round black silver frames:

To style these frames, consider pairing them with outfits that feature clean lines and tailored silhouettes. Minimalistic jewelry and accessories complement the understated elegance of these specs.
For the ladies, opt for a sleek updo or a tousled bob hairstyle, accentuating your eyeglasses and facial features. For the gents, slicking your hair back or keeping it parted at the side will seamlessly blend with these glasses.
The versatile shape of thin-rimmed round eyeglasses suits heart and oval face shapes best, as it lends a harmonious balance to their natural contours.

Thick-rimmed square eyeglasses

Mouqy’s Genius in matte black frames:

Fellas, why not pair these distinguished frames with a crisp, tailored suit, a sharp button-down shirt, and slim-fit chinos for a polished appearance at the office or during an evening out?
Ladies, enhance your specs appeal by styling these eyeglasses with an elegantly draped blouse or a structured blazer alongside minimalist jewelry like delicate chain necklaces or petite stud earrings.
The cherry on the cake? Consider hairstyles that showcase your frames – short bobs, low ponytails, simple updos for women, and sleek side parts or timeless pompadours for men.
With their versatile design, these specs favor various face shapes but shine when worn by those with oval or round facial features.

Cat-eye eyeglasses

Mouqy’s Embrace cat eye in clear frame:

They may seem vintage, but cat-eye glasses are incredibly stylish and versatile for both men and women. These chic frames can be effortlessly styled with your outfit, jewelry, or hairstyle to make a statement.
Ladies, pair your cat-eye frames with a sleek, high ponytail or a chic chignon updo. Outfit-wise, think about adding a crisp, white button-down shirt or a stylish black turtleneck, and don’t forget to accessorize with dainty jewelry – think thin chains or delicate bracelets.
Men can try a side-parted, combed-back hairstyle or even a tousled, textured look. They can do a sharp, fitted suit that complements the frame’s finesse or a crisp white button-up shirt for a more casual-yet-polished look.
The best part about these timeless frames is their versatility, as they suit various face shapes, from oval and round to square and heart-shaped.


Mouqy’s Denica aviator in light gold frames:

A timeless yet modern accessory for any outfit, aviators can be by men with a tailored suit and a slim tie that adds sophistication to business attire. Women can pair aviators with a sleek blazer and classic pearl earrings for a powerful yet chic look.
Regarding hairstyles, both men and women can opt for a polished, simple style that doesn’t detract from the glasses’ impact. These eyeglasses suit faces of various shapes, including oval, square, and heart-shaped, making them incredibly versatile and flattering for many people.

Reducing eye strain while at work

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s essential to prioritize our eye health, especially while working long hours on screens.
To minimize digital eye strain, consider incorporating eye exercises into your daily routine, like the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds
Also, remember to take regular breaks throughout your workday to give your eyes a break, stretch your body, and get your blood flowing. A good rule of thumb is to step away from your screen for a few minutes every hour.
Another quick tip is to keep a bottle of eye drops nearby, which can bring instant relief when your eyes start feeling irritated or dry.
In addition, stay hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Doing this ensures that your body has enough water to produce tears to moisten your eyes and reduce your risk of dry eyes.

Use professional specs to up your game

Getting the right professional specs helps us see clearly and can also make us look pretty cool. By choosing frames for our specific job requirements, we can ensure that we’re comfortable and able to perform at our best.
If we opt for stylish and functional frames, it can help us feel confident and professional in any work setting. Whether we need glasses for computer work or safety glasses for construction sites, investing in high-quality frames that serve both function and style is a smart move.
Want to know more tips on choosing and styling the proper eyewear? Check out Mouqy’s shopping guides.