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Do Glasses Make You Attractive?

Jamie Mendiola

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Jamie Mendiola

Updated: 12 June 2024 •  
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Glasses were once associated with the stereotype of making one appear smarter, or even ‘geekier’. In fact, this perception goes all the way back to when spectacles were invented.
However, wearing glasses can actually give you a different aura, depending on the pair you’re wearing. Turns out, they can even boost one’s attractiveness! So, how can you turn that to your advantage? Keep reading to find out.

Tips for choosing glasses that boost attractiveness

glasses frame framing a man face

Your glasses are basically a frame for your face.

When choosing a pair of specs, consider this: your glasses will become the solid frames of your face. It’s similar to how your hair can change your entire look.
A great pair of glasses shouldn’t block your face, as if it’s a mask. Rather, it should bring out your best features and be an extension of your personality.
On the other hand, some people wear eyeglasses as a subtle part of their ‘armor’, especially in a workplace setting. That’s because glasses play a big role in how you’re perceived, which matters greatly when that perception comes from coworkers and bosses.
Here are some general guidelines for choosing glasses that can best enhance your appearance, based on scientific findings.

If you want to appear smarter, look into full-rim glasses

woman wearing a pair of full rim glasses exuding a cool serious vibe

Full-rimmed glasses give you a cool, serious vibe.

Despite its stereotype in modern media as the classic ‘nerd glasses’, full-rim glasses can actually help you in the corporate world especially, if you’re trying to get a new job or just want to be taken more seriously.
In a 2011 study, researchers found that donning full-rim glasses can make you look ‘distinctive’. In turn, managers would be more likely to hold eye contact and pay attention to you. This could then improve your chances of landing that job you’re interviewing for.
More interesting still, glasses don’t just make you look intellectual. For the most part, if you’re wearing them, you may be more clever than you think. A 2012 study found that glasses-wearing folks are more likely to become studious and achieve high exam scores.
If you want to test this scientific finding for yourself, Mouqy has plenty of full-rim options, like this chic Xper pair.

You can even walk on the slightly wilder side with something funky like these Orient frames with sheer pink rims.


On the flip side, rimless glasses can make you attractive

a man wearing a pair of rimless glasses exuding an approachable vibe

Rimless glasses can still help you appear intellectual while giving a more approachable vibe.

Now, while full-rimmed glasses may give you an edge in climbing the corporate ladder, they might make you look too serious.
If you want to switch it up from time to time, why not go the other way and opt for rimless?
Rimless glasses can make you look more attractive, likable, and trustworthy. You’d still give off a smart aura, but with more approachability. This type of perception can be a big plus if human interaction is a big part of your everyday life.
For instance, if you need to talk to customers daily, rimless specs may be a better choice. The same goes if you’re always in meetings.
Ready to try this theory out? Mouqy has got rimless designs for days too, like these Innocent frames which are subtle yet stylish.


Are there any downsides to wearing glasses?

a man with skateboard wearing a pair of glasses

An active lifestyle might be a challenge for bespectacled folks.

Wearing glasses offers a ton of advantages, but it can have its downsides as well. Depending on your lifestyle, glasses might not always be a good fit.
If you’re active all the time, consider looking into sports glasses that are lightweight and won’t slip off your nose. You can also consider going for a more durable frame material such as polycarbonate.
You can also go with multifunctional styles like our Mystery frames, which have a sunglasses clip-on for your active days.

Even if you don’t have an active lifestyle, your glasses should still feel light and comfortable on your face. For that, your glasses should have precise measurements.
Lastly, do your research on where you want to buy your glasses. Some brick-and-mortar stores come with ridiculous price tags, so you could try looking into your FSA/HSA or look up online stores instead.

How have cultural perceptions of glasses changed?

round glasses frame placed on top of a stack of papers

Glasses used to be a status symbol for those who can afford education.

Once upon a time, wearing glasses was seen as a status symbol. Yes, you read that right!
Starting from the 13th century, eyeglasses were already associated with intelligence. It was said that Italian monks shaped the first glasses made out of beryl quartz.
The first eyeglasses recorded in history functioned similarly to a magnifying glass. They didn’t have arms that went over your ears back then. Farsighted monks had to hold or pinch them on the bridge of their noses to read long transcripts.
Then, everything changed once mass media was born. When newspapers got published in the 15th century, more people wanted a pair of glasses so they could read the news.
Soon enough, this vision correction tool turned into a status symbol. If you wore a pair of glasses in ancient times, you would be reputed as someone rich and educated. Thus, the link between glasses and smartness was cemented.
Fast forward to the 2000s, and you’ll see that the cultural perception around wearing glasses has evolved. It’s still associated with intelligence and studiousness, but with a twist.
Look at TV shows and movies today, and you’ll see what we mean. In modern pop culture, a bespectacled character can get categorized under a range of characters, from the ‘hot librarian’ to the ‘geeky nerd’ to the mad scientist.
It can also be a tool for transformation. For instance, Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman is known for wearing glasses to feign the ultimate disguise. In such cases, they’re not just an accessory, but a defining part of his character.
For regular people, glasses have also become a vital part of self-expression and individuality.

Glasses can be the photo frames of your face!

In a nutshell, yes glasses can help you be perceived as attractive rather than the opposite. It’s all about finding the right ones to frame your face.
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