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Funky Glasses Frame Trends We Love

Phoebe Jade

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Phoebe Jade

Updated: 23 July 2024 •  
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When you think of “funky glasses”, what comes to mind?
Bright colors, bold patterns, or unique shapes?
In this article, we’ll explore the world of funky frames and share our favorite styles. Get ready for a deep dive into fun and fashionable eyewear!

What is “funky” really?

What does the word “funky” actually mean?
Well, it has a pretty interesting history.
It all started with the music genre of funk. Funk was all about groovy beats, soulful rhythms, and electrifying energy.
One of the pioneers of funk was the legendary Godfather of Soul, James Brown.
He rocked the stage with not only his powerful voice and dance moves but also his iconic glasses.
james brown wears funky glasses

James Brown brought funk music to life with his powerful voice, dance moves, and iconic glasses.

James Brown’s glasses were a true reflection of his funky style.
They were bold, unique, and made a statement.
Thanks to Brown, people started associating the word “funky” with anything vibrant, unconventional, and full of personality.
Over the years, the funky look has evolved.
Today, funky frames come in various styles, colors, and patterns. You can even find them in quirky shapes like hearts and stars, and in snazzy animal prints.
woman wears funky glasses in different styles and colors

Today, funky frames come in various styles, colors, and patterns.

These days, the word “funky” is a catch-all phrase for anything that is daring, unconventional, and colorful.
Let’s get into some of the types of glasses that embody funk in the modern age.

1. Funky oversized chunky frames

This is one funky frame trend we absolutely love!
These big, chunky glasses make a bold statement and come in various shapes and colors.
They’ve been spotted on celebrities and the runways of Marni and Versace, who have showcased them in their Spring Summer 2023 collections.
a model wears funky glasses from the versace spring 2023 collection

For its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Versace brought back funk with a modern twist via these chunky, oversized fuchsia tinted glasses. Source: Fashionela

Now, how can you rock these oversized chunky frames to make them your own?
For one, don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Experiment with funky prints and textures that complement your chunky frames, like a striped shirt, a polka dot dress, or a floral blouse.
You can also add some color to your outfit to play up your frames further.
That could be anything from a vibrant scarf to a statement necklace to a bold lipstick.
Here’s Joyful from Mouqy’s collection that will bring this trend to life.
As a plus, these frames are made from thermoplastic material and come with spring hinges, ensuring a comfortable wear throughout the day.


2. Get funky with rounded rectangle glasses

This trendy frame shape combines the sleekness of rectangles with the softness of rounded edges.
Model Alessandra Ambrosio was seen sporting one such pair at Coachella 2023, where she styled it with a bohemian flair for the music festival.
alessandra ambrosio wears funky glasses

Alessandra Ambrosio wore rectangle glasses with rounded edges to accessorize her funky bohemian cutout outfit at Coachella. Source: Daily Mail


To rock rounded rectangle glasses, choose frames in vibrant colors that complement your skin tone and hair color.
Don’t be afraid to go bold with hues like red, blue, or even yellow. They will instantly add a pop of funk to your look.
Additionally, you can create visual interest by contrasting the shape of your glasses with your outfit.
Rounded edges will pair well with outfits that have a sharper silhouette and are well-tailored.
These rounded rectangle Laura frames from Mouqy is an easy way to add color and glitz to your outfit, thanks to the refreshing yellow shade and glitter accents.


3. Embracing funky colorful aviators

Another major trend in funky eyewear is colorful aviators!
These glasses come in a ton of vibrant shades and make any outfit look instantly more youthful and fun.
Celebrities like Jonah Hill have been spotted with this trend, gracing the cover of GQ with his standout orange aviators.
 jonah hill wears funky aviators for the gq magazine cover

On the cover of GQ, Jonah Hill can be seen wearing funky orange aviators, which draw attention to his bright blue eyes and give his outfit a playful vibe. Source: TooFab


Go full funky by pairing them with outfits that have contrasting colors.
For example, if you have blue aviators, wear them with a bright orange shirt or a bold red dress.
Alternatively, you can go to the other end by wearing outfits in neutral colors like black and white to let your glasses stand out on their own.
Here’s Maestoso from Mouqy that will have you flying high.
The unexpected combination of a tortoiseshell print and an aviator silhouette makes this a head-turning design.


4. Unleash your funk with bold cat-eye frames

Cat-eye frames have always been a classic, and recently they’ve gotten a funky update by being seen in all sorts of bright colors.
Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh wore a striking pair of cat-eye glasses in cornflower blue for an interview with GQ.
Michelle Yeoh wears funky cat eye in cornflower blue during a GQ interview

Michelle Yeoh stood out during an interview for GQ with funky cornflower blue cat-eye glasses. Source: GQ

Cat-eye frames have an unabashedly sultry, feminine look to them, so lean into that with floral prints, flowy dresses, and lace.
Don’t skimp on the colors either if you want to stay within funk territory.
You can also add statement accessories to amp up the vibe, so think dangly earrings, high heels, and red lipstick.
Embrace the funky bold cat eye trend with this Audrey pair.
The modern sheer purple hue gives the timeless cat eye frame just the right amount of flair to take it from retro to funky.


Discover your own brand of funk with funky frames!

Ultimately, these funky frame trends are all about expressing your most authentic self and having fun with your eyewear choices.
Put your own spin on them, keep experimenting with new ways to style them, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
If you’re looking for more glasses to browse, you can find it right here at Mouqy.
And if you want to stay on top of what’s hot, don’t forget to explore our guides to the top trends in women’s eyewear and men’s eyewear.

Phoebe Jade

Written by:

Phoebe Jade

Phoebe is a registered nurse, licensed teacher and writer who's passionate about creating content that educates and inspires.

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