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What Makes Glasses Lightweight?

Angie Garcia

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Angie Garcia

Updated: 20 July 2024 •  
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We’ve all experienced that frustrating feeling when a pair of glasses just doesn’t feel quite right. They feel heavy, cause discomfort, and leave those pesky marks on our noses. But fear not!
By looking out for lightweight glasses, you won’t have to deal with those nuisances. These glasses feel practically weightless, allowing you to breeze through your day without the extra weight.
Let’s uncover the factors that can make glasses so light and comfortable!

Aren’t all glasses lightweight?

When it comes to eyewear, it’s important to note that not all glasses are created equal in terms of weight.
With numerous options available, it’s not uncommon to come across glasses that feel heavier and less comfortable to wear. That’s where the concept of lightweight glasses comes in. They are a convenient solution for those seeking comfort and ease in their eyewear experience.
hand holding a pair of lightweight glasses with transparent frame

Lightweight glasses feel practically weightless, allowing you to wear them all day without any discomfort.

Lightweight glasses offer several advantages. First, their reduced weight provides a noticeable difference in comfort, especially for those who wear glasses for extended periods. Because of this, they don’t exert as much pressure on your nose and ears.
Aside from comfort, lightweight glasses also give a touch of sleek and modern elegance. Thanks to their feather-light construction, they boast thinner frames and lenses that create a more refined and streamlined look.

Most weight comes from lens materials and size

The weight of the lenses is influenced by two key aspects: the material they’re made from and their size.
polycarbonate vs plastic lenses

While polycarbonate lenses are generally thinner than other types of lenses, they have exceptional durability. Source: Michigan Eye Institute

One of these materials is polycarbonate. This type of lens is made from a type of thermoplastic that’s remarkably light and durable. Their high index of refraction means they can be made thinner than traditional plastic or glass lenses. Compared to glass, polycarbonate is 200 times stronger!
Trivex, a urethane-based monomer, is another featherweight in the lens world. Although it has a lower refractive index than polycarbonate, it’s relatively thin compared to other lens types. It also excels in providing light and comfortable wear, while still being highly impact-resistant.

Lens index also affects your glasses’ weight

If your eyes require a higher prescription, opting for high-index lenses is a great option to keep your lens thinner and lighter.
The term “lens index” is a measure of how efficiently a lens material can bend or refract light. Lenses made from high-index materials have a higher index of refraction and can bend light more efficiently than lenses made from low-index materials.
This matters because a lens needs to bend light to the right degree to correct your vision, and a lens made from high-index material can achieve the necessary degree of refraction in a thinner lens more accurately than one made from a low-index material.
As you might imagine, a thinner lens is also generally lighter than a thicker one. Since high-index materials allow for thinner lenses, they make glasses lighter and more comfortable to wear, especially for those with stronger prescriptions.

Lens size matters too!

It’s also important to note that the overall weight can also be influenced by the size of the lenses. Larger lenses may add more weight to the glasses compared to smaller lenses. Therefore, considering both lens materials and size is essential when choosing lightweight glasses.

Frame design and materials also affect the weight

Lenses aside, the material of your frame plays just as crucial of a role. Each material has unique characteristics that can make a difference in how your glasses feel on your face.
smiling woman wears lightweight glasses made of titanium

With their exceptional durability and ultra light weight, titanium glasses offer the best of both worlds.

Titanium is a remarkable material that is both incredibly strong and extraordinarily lightweight, making it an ideal choice for eyeglass frames. The secret behind its feather-light nature lies in its density. Titanium has a lower density than most metals, meaning it has less mass per volume.
This translates to a lighter weight that doesn’t compromise on strength and durability. Additionally, titanium is highly flexible and can withstand a good deal of wear and tear.
Plastic frames, such as acetate or TR90, are also worth considering. Acetate, a plant-based plastic, is one of the most popular materials for eyeglass frames. Besides that, it’s also strong and durable, so your glasses will last a long time even with constant wear.
glasses made of tr90 with temple arm bent

The flexibility of TR90 glasses offers extreme comfort since the glasses can adapt to your face without pressing too hard on your temples or nose.

TR90 (or thermoplastic polyamide), on the other hand, is a newer innovation in eyewear material. It’s even lighter than acetate and has what we call “shape memory,” meaning it can be bent or twisted and still return to its original shape.
Two notably lightweight frame designs are rimless and semi-rimless glasses. Both feature less material than full-frame glasses, making them considerably lighter.
Rimless glasses, as the name implies, have no frames around the lens. The lenses are directly connected to the temples and the bridge, usually with small screws or a thin wire. This minimalist design means there’s less weight on your face, making your glasses feel virtually weightless when worn. Plus, they offer a clear, unobstructed field of vision, which is another huge perk.

With its titanium frame and hingeless design, the Dreamy pair offers a modern and pared down aesthetic. The rimless lenses lend a sleek charm, making it the perfect choice for those in search of a stylish and contemporary look.
Semi-rimless glasses are a middle ground between full-rim and rimless designs. They have frames on the top half of the lenses, while the bottom half is usually held in place with a thin wire or clear nylon string. This design reduces the overall material used, thereby cutting down on weight. They can offer the same lightweight comfort as rimless designs while adding a bit more structure and style.

One such design is our semi-rimless Inherit frames. Crafted from flexible, high-quality TR materials, these frames have a barely-there feel that keeps you comfortable all day long. With sleek black and gold accents, these glasses can even be worn as a modern take on librarian glasses.

Lightweight glasses that showcase your style

When it comes to eyewear, lightweight glasses are not only about comfort but also a fantastic way to show a glimpse of your personality. Here are five lightweight frames from our catalog that combine style, durability, and comfort:

These glasses combine a sleek silver finish with a classic browline shape and full-rim design. The dark gray color makes it perfect for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their style. The silver-gray temples also add a dash of extra flair, making these glasses a true statement piece that doesn’t break the bank.

The Optimistic glasses immediately stand out with their unique geometric shape, It is equal parts contemporary and trendy, perfect for the fashion-conscious individual. Crafted from superior gold metal materials, these glasses will not only stand the test of time but also ensure lightweight comfort for day-to-day wear.

Crafted with a lightweight titanium temple, these Firefly frames are ready to handle whatever comes their way, balancing longevity with an airy feel for all-day comfort. But what truly sets it apart is its captivating aesthetic. Boasting a unique, dye-like purple and white print, these glasses aren’t just a tool for vision, but a fashion statement.

The NEAT NT901 is the epitome of high-end design, what with its timeless square silhouette and modern, industrial design. It bears a unique subtle detail in its glossy transparent brown frames, endowing the wearer with effortless chic. Plus, its ultra-lightweight blend of acetate and titanium ensures that you’ll barely feel it when it’s on.

Our retro square Navy frames in refreshing crystal blue expertly combine style and function. Despite their oversized design, these plastic frames feel feather-light, promising day-long comfort for your everyday adventures. Plus, they’re one of the most affordable additions on the list.

Lightweight glasses – weightless wonders

Choosing lightweight glasses means wrapping your day in comfort, without skimping on style. The key to their featherlight feel? It’s all in the smart mix of lens materials, size, and innovative frame designs. Lens materials like polycarbonate and Trivex are game-changers in trimming down the weight.
Then there’s the magic of frame materials, like tough-yet-light titanium and stainless steel, which combine comfort and durability. And the best part? They help you step up your style game too. You can find them crafted into designs to suit every aesthetic, be it minimalist, retro-inspired, or bold and edgy.
So whether you’re into comfort, aesthetics, timelessness, or want a bit of everything, lightweight glasses are the perfect fit. Why not dive into our collection of lightweight glasses and start finding the right pair for you?

Angie Garcia

Written by:

Angie Garcia

Angie is a Manila-based writer who specializes in wellness and lifestyle topics. She likes trying out new workouts and drinking coffee when not writing.

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