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The Most Iconic Gucci Glasses Looks of All Time

Jamie Mendiola

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Jamie Mendiola

Updated: 23 July 2024 •  
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Gucci glasses have made their mark in fashion for a good reason.
They’re known for starting eye-catching trends, rather than following them.
In this blog post, let’s take a closer look at some of the most iconic Gucci glasses of all time.
We’ve even gone ahead and picked out some similar Mouqy frames to help you channel these looks without breaking bank!

Jackie O and the iconic GG logo glasses

Jackie O wears oversized gucci sunglasses

Jackie O in her classic Gucci Glasses, paired with a head scarf and coat dress. Source: The New York Times


Looking back at history, you’ll see how much of a style icon Jackie Kennedy Onassis was in the 60s and 70s.
One of the IT factors that made her stand out was her love for Gucci glasses.
She had a penchant for wearing Gucci’s oversized sunglasses in round frames.
Some have a simple, minimal design, while others feature intricate detailing of the original GG logo on the sides.
You can recreate Jackie O’s timeless look with some of our favorite picks.



Gucci blends with Elton John’s flamboyant looks

Elton John wears flamboyant gucci glasses in cannes

Elton John is rocking two pairs of flamboyant Gucci glasses in Cannes. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Elton John is known for his flamboyant style; of course, his love for Gucci glasses is no exception.
After all, the House of Gucci has never shied away from the unique and eccentric.
One of his signature looks from Gucci is his oversized tinted glasses.
Their frames are often bedazzled to the brim and cut in unusual shapes like hearts or geometric designs.
Sounds pretty cool, right?
Here are some Elton John’s style glasses you can try;



Madonna popularized big and bold gucci frames

Madonna wears sparkly Gucci cat eye glasses for The Gucci Award red carpet

Madonna donning her sparkly cat-eye frames in The Gucci Award red carpet. Source: Daily Mail


Another pop culture icon who put Gucci on the map is Madonna.
Known for her edgy, rule-breaking outfits, she’s often spotted with a bold pair of cat-eye Gucci glasses to stand out on the red carpet.
The great thing about cat-eye frames like this, is they’re super flattering for almost any face shape.
Especially, if you have a round, square, diamond, or triangle-shaped face.
Channel Madonna’s material world with these cat-eye frames;



Gucci glasses help fuel Kanye West’s avante-garde style

Kanye West wears thick rimmed geometric gucci glasses

Kanye West wearing thick-rimmed geometric shades to match his monochromatic fit. Source: ELLE


Taking a step out of the ordinary has always been Kanye West’s mojo, which also applies to his wardrobe choices.
While he has pioneered his way in the fashion industry, the rapper-turned-billionaire stuck to his staple glasses throughout the years.
In particular, his favorite Gucci glasses are those thick-rimmed, geometric glasses that cover almost half of his face.
Often matched with a dark ensemble, Kanye West always turned heads wherever he went.
Step out of your comfort zone with these Kanye-inspired choices;



Lady Gaga loves vintage gucci glasses


Lady Gaga wears gucci aviator glasses on the set of House of Gucci

Lady Gaga on the set of ‘House of Gucci’ set. Source: Daily Mail


We can’t talk about Gucci without mentioning Lady Gaga.
She made waves with her fashion-forward looks and played the main character in the biographical crime drama film, ‘House of Gucci’.

At this point, Lady Gaga and Gucci seemed like fate.
In and out of the movie, you’d spot the multi-hyphenated star in vintage Gucci glasses.
She’d swap through different shapes too, from retro aviators to thin-rimmed oval specs.
Copy Lady Gaga’s vintage style with these top picks;




Olivia wilde wears wild gucci aviators

Olivia Wilde wears gucci tinted aviator glasses

Olivia Wilde in her casual mode, rocking tinted aviators in contrast with her green sweater. Source: Pinterest

Olivia Wilde, a renowned actress, and filmmaker, is also a big fan of the design house.
Whether she’s in front of the cameras or behind them, you’ll spot her in her favorite Gucci glasses.
Throughout her career, she’s been seen wearing a variety of Gucci frames.
However, the one that stands out in recent memory is her pair of thin-framed, tinted aviators.
Aviators are one of the most versatile designs out there, elevating casual and party-ready outfits instantly.
Plus, these will look perfect if you have angular features to work with, such as a square, diamond, or triangle-shaped face.
Get Olivia Wilde’s effortless vibe with these well-loved aviators;




Billie Eilish goes for retro gucci glasses

Billie Eilish wears gucci glasses with rectangular frame

Billie Eilish putting a retro spin to her outfit with a pair of rectangular glasses. Source: West Observer


Looking for fresh inspiration to revamp your wardrobe?
Look no further than Billie Eilish and how she mixes the old and the new in her red carpet looks.
While she’s known as one of the most famous singer-songwriters in the world, Billie also made her mark through her ever-changing Gucci glasses.
She doesn’t stick to only one style or aesthetic.
One of her most striking looks is thanks to her wide, retro glasses in rectangular frames.
Since her face shape is distinctly oval, rectangular frames like this balanced out her features while adding more edge to her fit.
Replicate her distinct style with these retro frames;



Learn how to walk the walk with stylish glasses

As shown by many pop culture icons, a stylish pair of glasses – Gucci or not – can level up any outfit and create a statement on the spot.
If you’re unfamiliar with how to wear them, here are a few simple tips so you don’t get overwhelmed on the first try.

Select glasses that fit your style

Eyeglasses come in various sizes, colors, and shapes.
There are retro-inspired options if you’re a vintage enthusiast or avante-garde on the other side.
So, look into your closet and see what type of glasses will best complement your style.
Choose a pair that reflects and emphasizes your personality.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Gucci glasses are known to be versatile, no matter how out-of-this-world your aesthetic might be.
After all, they catered to cultural icons like Elton John and Madonna.
So, don’t hesitate to match your glasses with different clothes and accessories.
Dress up, dress down, do whatever feels right for you.
Remember, it’s your style and your rules.

Experiment with our virtual try-on tool

Luckily, you don’t have to go into this shopping journey blind.
Use and experiment with our virtual try-on tool and see how those Gucci-inspired glasses look on you.
This free tool saves you a lot of time before checking out.
Plus, it helps you find the perfect pair in only a few minutes without breaking the bank or going to the store.

Channel your favorite gucci glasses for less

The House of Gucci never shied away from creating iconic looks.
From bedazzled glasses to oversized frames, it’s no wonder that they’ve become a favorite among celebrities.
However, remember that affordable dupes exist, and they offer the same quality of glasses out there.
You don’t have to break the bank to be in style.
Check out Mouqy’s latest collection of eyeglasses for your next signature look.

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