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How to Choose Running Glasses

Phoebe Jade

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Phoebe Jade

Updated: 18 April 2024 •  
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An excellent exercise, running strengthens your body, clears your mind, and lets you escape reality for a little bit.
But for those who wear glasses, finding functional, flattering options that won’t fly off your face when you’re going at full speed can be challenging.
Don’t let the fear of breaking frames or losing lenses stop you from enjoying a good jog. In this guide, we’ll give you tips on choosing the perfect glasses for running.

Why you need proper glasses for running

Whether you’re an avid runner or just starting, investing in a pair of glasses designed for running can significantly impact your overall experience.

Protection from UV rays

Running outdoors means risking exposure to harmful UV rays that can damage your eyesight (think cataracts, clouding your eye lens, and other eye disorders). With glasses that provide UV protection, you can run longer, knowing your eyesight is safe.

Reduce glare

Picture this: you’re jogging, and suddenly, the sun hits your face at the wrong angle, and the glare temporarily blinds you. Not only is this frustrating, but it can also be dangerous, especially if you’re running near traffic.
That’s why you need glasses with anti-glare lenses. They help reduce glare and clear your vision, no matter the outside conditions.
man with glasses running

Running glasses help reduce glare.


Get better contrast

We’ve all been there – running on an overcast day with dreary colors that seem to blend.
Wearing glasses with lenses that enhance contrast can help you pick up on details you may have missed. This means you’ll be able to see uneven sidewalks, rocks, and other potential obstacles far more easily, which is always a good thing when you’re running.

Improve your eye protection

We can all agree that there’s nothing worse than getting hit by bugs, dust, or debris while running. Not only does it ruin the perfect stride, but it can also cause severe discomfort and even lead to eye injuries. That’s where proper glasses come in handy.
Glasses for running offer eye protection from these particles. You won’t have to sacrifice style for safety, either. Today’s glasses come in various styles, so you can have fun with your look while keeping your vision intact – and bug-free.

Choosing the perfect running glasses

Are you overwhelmed by the many options of running glasses to choose from? Here are some factors you’ll want to consider when picking the perfect pair for you.

1. Fit and comfort are vital

Look for glasses that fit snugly but not too tight and ones that rest comfortably on your face without rubbing or slipping. After all, chafing from glasses is the last thing you need.
running glasses that fit snugly

Running glasses should fit snugly but not tight and rest comfortably on the face.

Pay close attention to the design and materials of the glasses, and ensure that they’re lightweight and have a good grip on your face. If you’re going for a long run, the last thing you want is to spend the whole time adjusting your glasses.

2. Lenses and coatings help improve vision quality

Consider getting lenses that protect you from UV radiation, which can harm your eyesight in the long term. You may also opt for lenses that enhance your vision while running.
For example, if you run in both low-light and bright-light conditions, you may want to choose glasses with transition lenses, which become darker when exposed to bright light. And if you’re frequently running on the beach or in snow-covered areas, go for polarized lenses to reduce glare.
You’ll also want lenses that can take the beating. Consider materials like polycarbonate, which is lightweight and durable.
Mouqy offers polycarbonate lenses as an option for those who lead an active lifestyle. Here are some frames you might want to consider.
Function, comfort, and style rolled into one. The rectangle Xper frames are durable and comfortable, and with polycarbonate lenses, they will surely be able to keep up with you.

If you want glasses that can battle wear and tear but are stylish, practical, and comfortable, these oval Madison acetate frames are for you.


3. Design and materials affect durability and comfort during your run

You’ll want glasses that are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of running, lightweight enough to stay comfortable during long runs, and stylish enough to match your outfit. Consider materials such as acetate for strong, flexible, and lightweight frames.
Look for frames with non-slip features like temple tips, which help keep your glasses on your face while running. You may also want to consider glasses with wrap-around frames that offer more coverage and protection from dust and debris. And, of course, don’t forget to choose a frame design that suits your face shape and personal style.

4. Other features

The little things count when choosing the perfect running glasses. Adjustable nose pads can make all the difference in keeping your glasses in place while you run.
Clip-ons can also be valuable, allowing you to transform your prescription glasses into sunglasses. Also, some glasses come with interchangeable lenses, which can be a great option if you frequently run in different weather conditions.
At Mouqy, you can get prescription clip-on glasses with acetate frames that are durable and lightweight, like the Magnus. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice style for quality and comfort.


Preventing your running glasses from slipping

Running glasses slipping can be a runner’s nightmare, but don’t let it derail your workout. There are several ways to prevent your glasses from slipping during runs.

  • Shrink tubes and friction sleevesApply shrink tubes or friction sleeves to the arms of your glasses. These strips increase the surface area and grip, preventing glasses from sliding down your nose.

  • HeadbandsWearing a headband can help control sweat from dripping down to your glasses and keep them in place, even on a bumpy track.

  • Nose pads or temple strapsConsider getting glasses with these features for even more grip and stability.

  • Anti-slip coatingLook for frames made from materials such as silicone, which is designed to prevent slipping and slippage when running.

  • Elastic strapStrap on an elastic band on the back of your head to help keep your glasses in place when running. Such straps are commonly used for athletic eyewear and provide added stability.

heat tubes for glasses

Shrink tubes or friction sleeves can increase the surface area and grip. Source: Instructables

Don’t let slipping glasses ruin your run – try out some of these tips and feel the difference.

Taking care of your running glasses

This type of glasses require a little extra care than your typical eyewear, so here are some tips to keep them in tip-top shape:

1. Clean them regularly

Whether you sweat or not, running glasses are exposed to dirt, grime, and other elements that can affect their clarity. Clean them regularly with a microfiber cloth to remove any smudges, dirt, or debris. If you want to use water, make sure it’s lukewarm, and don’t forget to pat dry your glasses with a lint-free cloth after.

2. Store your glasses carefully

Storing your running glasses properly prevents scratches and other damage. Always store them in a hard, protective case when not in use. Avoid leaving your glasses in the car or in direct sunlight for long periods. Instead, opt to store them in a cool, dry place.
woman putting a pair of eyeglasses into mouqy semi hard case

When not in use, always store running glasses in a case to prevent scratches and other types of damage.


3. Check and tighten screws

Running glasses can loosen over time, so check them regularly to ensure they’re not too loose or tight. You can check the screw or hinge of your glasses to see if they need adjustment. Tighten the screws with care so you don’t accidentally over-tighten them.
By following these simple care tips for your running glasses, you can protect them from scratches and other damage and ensure clear and comfortable vision every time you run.

The right running glasses matter

The right running glasses can make all the difference in your performance, safety, and comfort. You can find the perfect pair of running glasses that suit your style and needs by considering fit, lenses, frame design, and other features.
And don’t forget proper care and maintenance so your glasses are always ready to perform when needed.

Phoebe Jade

Written by:

Phoebe Jade

Phoebe is a registered nurse, licensed teacher and writer who's passionate about creating content that educates and inspires.

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