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Our Green Glasses Collection

These glasses will make you green with envy

Greener pastures await with Mouqy’s newest collection of green glasses. In addition to being a refreshing pop of color in your life, green glasses are also extremely sought after for the way they bring out the vivacity of green and hazel colored eyes.

green glasses with geometric frame

Stylish green glasses galore

Our green glasses come in all shapes, sizes and hues! From the chic extra-large, full rimmed kind, to classic metal aviators or cat-eyes. From muted moss green to bright emerald. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it with Mouqy.

green glasses with acetate frame

All About Green Glasses

Green is the new black

Haven’t you heard? Green framed glasses have been the trend sweeping across the globe – and it’s only just the beginning!
Superstars the likes of Billie Eilish and Katy Perry have been spotted strutting out and about with stunning green spectacles, and that’s not all. This trend has even made it into animated films such as Disney’s Encanto, whose main character, Mirabel Madrigal, can be seen sporting a pair of these lovely glasses throughout the film.

Top tips on how to choose green eyeglasses

The first thing you’ll need to think of is if you have any preferences for your glasses. If you prefer something sleek and lightweight, half-rimmed medium glasses with slim metal temples and a shiny finish might be more to your liking. However, if you would like an unobstructed view and something sturdier, you could look at full-rimmed, rectangle or cat-eye glasses made from green shades of acetate.
Another key aspect to factor into your decision-making would be how your green glasses will fit in with your daily wear. An accent of green on the frames or nose bridge of your spectacles may be able to help them compliment your outfits better, especially if you have a color-coordinated wardrobe.
Here are some of our favorite shades of green to wear:

  • Olive green
  • Translucent green
  • Muted sage green
  • Speckled green flecks
  • Bright and bold green
  • Emerald green


How do I know which green glasses are perfect for me?

We’ll let you in on a little secret – for every single person, there is never just one specific type of glasses for them, but rather, a selection of glasses that would fit them well. If you’re looking for the kinds of frames that may fit a certain face shape, here’s all you need to know.
In fact, we’ll go one step further to make sure that your choice of glasses truly suits you. Introducing Mouqy’s special virtual try-on feature – an innovative feature that allows you to take a look at how your glasses will look on your face before you buy! To turn it on, just click the ‘Try Me” button under the green glasses you’d like to try on.
For those of you who want to fully explore your options of glasses, Mouqy also offers a wide range of glasses in all colors under the sun, including other bright shades such as blue, yellow and pink.

Frequently asked questions

What color glasses make green eyes pop?

Warm, earthy green or gold glasses are all great colors that bring out green eyes. However, you may also choose complementary colors, such as red eyewear, to truly make a fashion statement.

Do green glasses look good?

They definitely do! How great they look all depends on the design of the spectacles, the exact shade, and how it all fits together with your skin tone, eye color and the rest of your outfit.

Who do green glasses look good on?

They can look good on anyone really, but they almost always contrast well against green or hazel-eyed folk, or those with darker colored hair. The shade of green can also make a big difference between making or breaking a look, so choose wisely!