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Our Collection of Small Glasses

Small glasses: Little but fierce

A new trend has re-emerged and it’s a keeper: small glasses frames! Small glasses come in all shapes, but small round and ovals are particularly popular. They are subtle and don’t overtake the face, but still pack a style punch.

glasses for small faces with metal frame

Playing it cool with small glasses

John Lennon made small, round glasses cool in the 60s and 70s with those iconic round frames. Recently, Hadids, Jenners, Rihanna, and Julia Roberts have helped to usher teeny glasses and sunglasses back into vogue. Small glasses are a subtle-yet-strong accessory that accent the face without overtaking it.

small glasses with round frame

All About Small Glasses

Get lost in our collection of small glasses here (set some time aside… it’s easy to get carried away with these wee beauties). P.S Mouqy glasses come with blue-light blocking technology (prescription and non-prescription).

How to style small glasses

Because small glasses are, well, small, they leave room on your style palette for other accessories. For example, small oval glasses or sunglasses look super cute with a vintage-style hat such as a beret or cloche. Or, get those dangly diamante earrings or gold hoops out of the drawer and give them a spin.
Small glasses are also great for people with bangs or fringes as they don’t extend too far toward the brow, leaving plenty of room for swishy locks over the forehead. When it comes to makeup, consider your brows and the part they play alongside your small glasses.
Smaller glasses, especially winged or oval shapes, leave the brows clear and visible, almost like a frame for your… frames. Experiment with shaping, tinting, and setting your brows to create a killer setting for your achingly cool glasses.

Who suits small glasses?

You don’t have to be a Beatles member to rock small glasses!
The cool thing about small glasses (aside from looking great) is that they’re excellent for housing thicker lenses. A smaller frame means a very thick lens is less noticeable and more subtle on the face. In terms of face shape and size, little frames are gorgeous on smaller, narrower faces as they don’t overpower features.
That said – those with big, beautiful faces may want to avoid the small frames trend, as it can make your face look even larger. Larger faces can easily pull off larger, more architectural frames so count ya’self lucky!

The best glasses for small faces to try

Small faces can be a little overwhelmed by big, bold glasses (not to mention the discomfort of too-big glasses sliding around). An easy remedy is to look out for smaller, more delicate frames that are super in-style today. Small round, oval, or even geometric frames in dainty metals are ideal for smaller faces.
Use our virtual try-on feature to admire your sweet visage and find the perfect glasses from the coziness of home!

Frequently asked questions

Are small frame glasses in style?

They certainly are, in both sunglass and optical styles. Small glasses in interesting shapes such as ovals, perfect circles, and angular wings are seriously on-trend.

How do you know if your glasses are too small?

If your glasses are pinching your nose or temples too tightly or they simply don’t sit comfortably, they may be too small. If you can see the edge of the frame from your periphery, you may also need a larger frame.