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Our Women’s Collection

Glasses frames for women

Looking for your new favorite pair of eyeglasses? At Mouqy we have affordable and stylish glasses that come in both prescription and non-prescription form. Pick from modern silhouettes, to vintage favorites that will never go out of style. Go on – feast your eyes!

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Styles you’ll fall in love with

Cat eye, aviator, and beyond – the possibilities are so exciting. Explore our wide collection of styles and colors and use our Virtual Try-On feature to see exactly the latest trends will look on your face. It’s the perfect way to experiment and find a pair of eyeglasses you truly love!

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Specialized lenses

Many of us spend hours straining our eyes on digital screens every day. That’s why most of our lenses come with the option of blue light blocking lenses, that can absorb this harmful light. This can help prevent digital eye strain and help you get a better night’s sleep. We also add functional coats to all our lenses to make them more durable for everyday use. If your eyes are happy, we’re happy!

mouqy glasses come with blue blocking lenses

Glasses Frames for Every Woman

Looking for the best women’s glasses?
Women’s eyeglasses aren’t just something to bring the world into focus: they’re a way to express your personality. They’re a perfect fashion accessory to elevate any outfit, make a statement, or add a subtle touch of style.

Women’s eyewear for every occasion

Your eyewear says a lot about you, which is why it’s always fun to play around and experiment with glasses for different occasions and adventures.
No matter your lifestyle, your eyeglasses should be able to keep up with you. And the perfect pair should make you feel like your most confident self – ready to take on the world. If you can’t decide what styles to start with, here are some style tips from eyewear fashion experts:

  • For the workplaceMany women working in a formal office like to go for conservative shapes and colors – think classic rectanglesand ovals in neutral, muted, tortoiseshell or metal shades.

  • For creative types and studentsExperiment with shapes and vibrant colors, or go vintage with cat-eye or oversized frames. Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

  • For busy mumsIf you haven’t the time or interest to follow the latest trends, opt for an everyday pair that’s functional but stylish. We love basic oval and soft rectangular shapes, and you can experiment with interesting colors or accents to add your own spin to it!

  • For the older womanAvoid darker colored or matte frames and opt for glossy finishes to fill a face with vibrancy. Cat eye shapes are a wonderful choice.

  • For active typesA pair of sport sunglasses or eyeglasses can be a great way to protect your eyes comfortably when you’re being active. We love vibrant patterns and sporty colors.

  • For formal occasionsWhoever says glasses can’t elevate a formal outfit? Cat eye frames and bold thick frames can look stunning with a formal dress and red lip, a la Audrey Hepburn. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to get wild with the styles and experiment.


Picking the best women’s glasses for your face shape

The shape of your face can also play a big role in which glasses frames look best on you. You want your eyeglasses to bring balance to your features, which means that faces that are more angular – like square and diamond shapes – can look best with rounder frames. Faces with softer curves may want to consider eyewear with sharper lines, such as rectangular frames.
For the full guide, check our article on choosing the right frame for your face shape.

Ordering your prescription women’s eyeglasses couldn’t be easier

Buying women’s prescription eyeglasses with Mouqy is easy as pie. All we need from you is your up-to-date eye prescription. Once you find the Mouqy frame you love, you can also use our Virtual Try-On feature to see how they look on that gorgeous face of yours.

Frequently asked questions

Cat eye, clear, oversized and tortoiseshell-patterned frames look great on almost any face shape, and are some of the most popular women’s eyeglasses styles out there!

What glasses are in style for women?

Cat eye, tortoiseshell, aviator and square or rectangular frames are a timeless style, but translucent frames, clubmasters and oversized glasses (a la 70s) have been gaining popularity this year.

Can a woman wear men’s eyeglasses?

Why not! Many women choose to wear ‘traditional’ men’s frames, and most styles look amazing on both men and women. As long as you check that the frames are able to fit your face properly, it’s possible to order men’s eyeglasses in your prescription.

What eyeglass frames will make you look younger?

Try tortoiseshell glasses, cat eye frames, thick framed glasses and glasses with a glossy finish, or in interesting shades like blue. Many style experts recommend avoiding rimless glasses in dark metallic shades like grey or black if you want to look more youthful.

How do you pick out glasses that look good on you?

Identify what face shape you have, and then look at frame shapes that can contrast with and bring balance to your face. For example, if you have a round face shape, you can opt for angular frames in square and rectangular frames. When choosing a color for your frames, you’ll also want to consider your skin tone. However, at the end of the day – the only real rule is that YOU love your glasses!