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Monolid Eyes: What They Are and How to Show Them Off

Updated: 14 April 2024 •  
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Every eye shape has its own unique charm and deserves to be shown off.
Today, we’re doing a deep dive on monolid eyes: what they are, if you have them, and how to accentuate them through your eyewear and makeup choices. Let’s go!

What are monolids?

Also known as an epicanthal fold, monolids are a type of eyelid shape that doesn’t have a visible crease. You’ll notice that the skin on the eyelids is smooth from the inner corner of the eyes to the brow bone, with no fold separating the lid into two parts.
This feature is common amongst those with East Asian descent, though other ethnicities can also inherit this distinct feature.

Monolids vs double eyelids vs hooded eyes

If you’re unsure with what type of eyelids you have, here are some key differences to consider:


closeup of an eye with monolid

A closer look at single eyelids. Source: Pinterest


  • Eyelid sits flush with the brow bone and has no visible crease or fold
  • Trait is hereditary


Double eyelid

closeup of an eye with double eyelid

A closer look at double eyelids. Source: Pinterest


  • Has an arc-shaped crease between the lashes and eyebrows
  • Trait is hereditary but can also be achieved through cosmetics or surgery


Hooded eyelid

closeup of an eye with hooded eyelid

A closer look at hooded eyelids. Source: Pinterest


  • Formed when the skin right below the brow bone folds over the upper eyelid area
  • Crease may not be visible when you look straight into a mirror
  • Trait can be hereditary or developed as one ages


How to enhance your monolids with makeup

Now that you’re acquainted with the characteristics of monolid eyes, here are some techniques you can use to accentuate this one-of-a-kind eye shape:

1. Opt for a gradient smokey eye

jennie from blackpink with smokey eyes

Jennie (BLACKPINK)’s eye look is perfect for everyday. Source: Pinterest

Eyeshadows are one of the best ways you can play up your eyes, but the technique that’ll bring them out best will ultimately depend on your eye shape.
For monolids, try a softly diffused ombre using matte eyeshadows. This is one of the most flattering and effective ways to add depth, while opening up the eyes.
Any color palette will work for this method, so feel free to use your favorite eyeshadows or experiment with new shades. All you need to do is apply the darkest shade closest to your lash line, and gradually layer lighter colors as you work your way towards your brow bone.
Voila – soft yet sultry smokey eyes in an instant!

2. Add a touch of shimmer

monolids applied with shimmer eyeshadow

A little bit of shine goes a long way. Source: Pinterest

Give your monolids some extra sparkle by topping off your eyeshadow look with a fine dusting of shimmer on the center of your lids. This will catch the light beautifully and introduce another layer of dimension to your eyes.
For an ethereal effect, you can also sweep some of the shimmer on the lower lashline too. You’ll find that this step will make your monolid eyes appear bigger and brighter.

3. Eyeliner is your best friend

yeji wearing black and pink eyeliners

From a classic black to a bold pink, Yeji (ITZY)’s eyeliner game is always on point. Source: Black and pink

Girls with monolid eyes swear by eyeliner, and for good reason! When done right, they do wonders in accentuating their unique shape while creating a more impactful eye look.
The secret to nailing the perfect winged eyeliner every time is to look straight into the mirror (both eyes open and relaxed) while drawing your wing.
With a liquid liner, you’ll want to start one-third of the way from the inner corner of your eye, and flick outward towards the direction of the tip of your brow. For monolid eyes, it’s key to keep your eyeliner thin and elongated, bringing your liner outward as opposed to upward. Optionally, you can also extend your liner towards the inner corners for a more feline appearance.

4. Invest in a good eyelash curler and mascara

monolid applied with lifted eyelashes

Long, lifted lashes really do complete the look. Source: From Head to Toe

Full, fluttery lashes are vital when it comes to bringing monolid eyes—or any eyes for that matter—to life. If you struggle with stubborn lashes that face downwards, then what you need is a reliable eyelash curler and a lengthening mascara.
For the best results, always remember to curl starting from the root of your lashes for maximum lift. Then, build up the intensity of your mascara by working in thin layers. This step is super important as overloading on the product not only leads to a clumpy finish, but can also weigh down your lashes (which kinda defeats the purpose).
When selecting a mascara, it’s also worth looking into a waterproof formula. This is because they hold up a curl much better than others, which will help your lashes stay lifted throughout the day.

Celebrities with monolids (and their signature specs)

Another way to showcase your monolid eyes?
With a pair of fashionable glasses, of course! Check out how these stars are owning their single eyelids:

1. Awkwafina

awkwafina with monolids wearing eyeglasses

Awkwafina’s glasses are the epitome of retro cool. Source: Pinterest

Rapper-comedian Awkwafina loves making a statement with her bold fashion choices – and eyewear is no exception. Here, she rocks a pair of oversized 70s style aviators that perfectly complemented her unique look and quirky persona.
Try out these pairs for size:
mouqy justin aviator brown frame

Mouqy’s Justin aviator in brown.

mouqy pacific aviator black gold frame

Mouqy’s Pacific aviator in black-gold.


2. Ali Wong

ali wong with monolids wearing eyeglasses

Cat eyes make a glamorous addition to any look. Source: Pinterest

It’s no secret that Ali Wong is a fan of cat eye glasses. What we especially love about this pair in particular is the fact that they’re transparent, which let her beautiful monolid eyes take center stage.
Take cues from Ali:
mouqy ultimate transparent cat eye frame

Mouqy’s Ultimate tranmsparent cat eye.


3. Yeji

yeji with monolid wearing her glasses

Yeji’s trendy specs are as versatile as it gets. Source: Pinterest

Sleek metal frames are a staple in South Korea, and it’s easy to see why. They’re elegant and timeless, but that isn’t to say that they can’t be worn with a tougher ensemble.
Case in point: ITZY’s Yeji styling her k-style glasses with a schoolgirl inspired look set in a striking leather finish. We also love how the soft silhouette of her frames juxtaposes her fiercer features, such as her sharp monolid eyes.
Steal her style:
mouqy designer round black silver frame

Mouqy’s Designer in black-silver.


4. Kim Min Gue (in Business Proposal)

kim min gue with monolid wearing eyeglasses

Browlines bring effortless polish to any ensemble. Source: Pinterest

Hallyu heartthrob Kim Min Gue made hearts flutter in Business Proposal, with his stylish specs adding to his character’s intellectual charm. He dons several pairs throughout the show, but these browline glasses definitely caught our eye the most – the top heavy frame drew attention to his endearing monolid eyes so well!
Get his look:
mouqy timber browline black frame

Mouqy’s Timber browline in black.


Find the perfect glasses to suit your eyelids

Glasses are one of the best ways to elevate your look, whether through finding a frame that complements your natural features, or selecting a style that highlights your personality.
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If you enjoyed this post, do check out the rest of Mouqy’s blog for more tips and tricks about every eye topic under the sun!

Allysa Gatchalian
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