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Korean Glasses: Ride the Hallyu Wave with These Trends

Updated: 18 April 2024 •  
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The most popular trends these days often begin with the letter K (and no, we aren’t referring to the Kardashians). We’re talking about none other than the meteoric rise of Korean pop culture.
With all eyes on South Korea’s top actors and idols, fans and fashionistas alike can’t help but want to snag their style. This includes the understatedly chic glasses that they all seem to be wearing on and off screen.
Looking to hop on the bandwagon? Then join us as we take a deep dive into the world of Korean glasses!

What do ‘Korean glasses styles’ usually refer to?

If you’re an avid follower of k-dramas and k-pop, then you may have noticed all your favorite stars following a similar aesthetic when it comes to eyewear. Sleek and minimalist frames have become a staple in Korea, and it’s easy to see why!
bae suzy wearing as pair of gold rimmed glasses

Singer-actress Bae Suzy is as pretty as a picture in a pair of contemporary gold rimmed glasses. (Credit: Pinterest).

Usually in the form of wire rimmed frames or a fun combination of metal and acetate, Korean glasses go with practically every look—a fitting choice for their vibrant, fashion-forward culture. The glasses are often rounded in shape, but there are also a lot of square and geometric silhouettes that capture that distinctly Korean flair.
Regardless of whether your style leans more towards the classic or experimental side, these versatile frames have the ability to adapt to any look, making them perfect for minimalists and maximalists alike.

Our favorite K-Stars in glasses

If you’re searching for some fresh inspiration for your next pair of specs, we think that it’s worth looking into the trendy yet timeless styles popularized by Seoul’s biggest trendsetters (like BTS!). Keep scrolling to find your new favorite silhouette!
To get you up to speed on the latest in k-fashion, have a look at how these stylish idols like to wear their glasses:

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim

blackpink jennie wearing a pair of round glasses

Jennie posts a series of casual yet stylish snaps on her Instagram. (Credit: Instagram).

BLACKPINK’s Jennie loves experimenting with different styles, and it’s always refreshing to see her mixing different trends together to create one-of-a-kind looks. Here, she juxtaposes her dainty round frames with androgynous pieces, and completed the look with some Y2K inspired hairclips.
Wanna look like Jennie? Try this one out:
Mouqy’s smart and stylish Abby frame.


2. ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo

cha eun woo wearing a pair of oversized glasses frame during his trip to italy

Eun-woo shares some highlights from his Italy trip on his Instagram. (Credit: Instagram).

Korea’s resident ‘face genius’ Cha Eun-woo made sure to take a bit of Seoul with him on his trip to Italy, posting a couple of touristy pictures while wearing an oversized frame with subtly angular edges. The glasses added just the right amount of contrast to his oval face and made a fitting accent piece for his tailored ensemble.
For those who didn’t know, the actor-idol also revealed that he’s had Lasik surgery not too long ago, but still keeps several non-prescription glasses in his rotation as he enjoys styling them with his everyday and stage looks.
Copy Eun-woo’s look with this frame:
The rose gold Lavish for the chic look.

Aside from their thrilling storylines, another thing we all look forward to when watching a k-drama would have to be the looks our favorite characters are wearing. Here are some iconic glasses that caught our eye:

3. Yoo In Na (Touch Your Heart)

yoo in na wearing a pair of gold rimmed glasses in touch your heart

Oh Yoon Seo looks comfortable and chic while enjoying an amusement park date. (Credit: i.ytimg).

In this highly anticipated drama, Yoo In Na stole our hearts as Oh Yoon Seo, an actress who tries to land a new role by gaining experience through a job at a law firm. The star’s designer outfits were eclectic and glamorous, which matched her bubbly personality well. She complemented them with an elegant pair of gold rimmed glasses in a distinct trapezoid shape that flattered her oval face perfectly.
Steal hearts like she did with this frame:
Mouqy’s beautiful rose gold Elan frame.


4. Shin Se Kyung (Run On)

shin se kyung wearing a pair of clear glasses in run on

Oh Mi Joo shows us a glimpse of her work from home set-up. (Credit: Twitter).

We love Shin Se Kyung for her progressive female roles, and we also love her laid back style just as much. In the 2020 hit drama Run-On, she plays Oh Mi Joo, a freelance film translator with a free-spirited personality. She’s seen in a lot of practical yet stylish outfits throughout the series, such as in this scene where she gets comfy in a pink hoodie, top knot, and the cutest acetate and metal rimmed glasses.
To copy her look, give this a try:
Mouqy’s modern Hipster pair.


5. Nam Joo Hyuk (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

nam joo hyuk wearing a pair of black round glasses in twenty five twenty one

Baek Yi Jin gets ready for a recording session at the studio. (Credit: Pinterest).

Nam Joo Hyuk always plays the most endearing characters, and his role as Baek Yi Jin in the 2022 drama Twenty Five, Twenty One is no different. The hardworking reporter couldn’t have picked a more perfect frame for his personality too, as a style like this rounded black and silver pair will surely be a reliable choice no matter where you’re heading.
Try this iconic look for yourself!
Look sophisticated with the classic Designer frame.

Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses no matter the season. Check out these top sunglass styles brimming with star-power:

6. Son Ye Jin (Crash Landing On You)

son ye jin wearing a pair of sunglasses in crash landing on you

Yoon Se Ri makes a powerful impression with unapologetically oversized sunglasses. (Credit: Summit Media).

Channel your inner girl boss just like Yoon Se Ri with an oversized square frame in a sophisticated tortoiseshell pattern. Like this one:
The timeless Mystery frame in tortoise with clip-on shades.


7. IU (Hotel Del Luna)

iu wearing a pair of cat eye sunglasses in hotel de luna

Jang Man Wol asks her staff to adjust the sun’s brightness at Hotel Del Luna’s indoor beach. (Credit: Viki).

These subtle cat eye sunglasses styled by our favorite immortal hotel CEO is enough proof that they look good in any era. Plus, who would’ve thought that reflective lenses would look this good with a high collar and wide brimmed hat?

8. Park Seo Joon (Itaewon Class)

park seo joon wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses in itaewon class

Park Seo Joon is perfectly in character in this behind the scenes photo for 2020 drama Itaewon Class. (Credit: Pinterest).

Park Seo Joon looks cool and collected while on the set of Itaewon Class in an angular frame that’s just the right size for his idiosyncratic features.

Finding your perfect korean-inspired glasses frames

Playful yet sophisticated, we’re sure that you’ll love the way Korean glasses will look on you. But, your ideal pair will vary depending on your individual face shape. Consider these frames to show off all your best features:

For round face shapes

mouqy Elan frame

Mouqy’s Elan in rose gold.

Contrast is key when it comes to accentuating round face shapes. Opt for a geometric pair such as our Elan frame to introduce more distinct lines to your delicate features.

For square face shapes

hipster in clear frame

Mouqy’s Hipster in clear frame.

The graceful silhouette of our Hipster frames are great for balancing out a more prominent jaw or forehead, while the combination of the gunmetal detailing and transparent blue frame lets you maintain your edge.

For oval face shapes

Known as the universal face shape, those with oval faces have the best luck when it comes to finding glasses, as their symmetrical features allow them to pull off a variety of styles with ease.
mouqy Abby frame

Mouqy’s Abby in rose gold.

If you’re going the classic route, opt for a rounded style such as our Abby frames to complement the soft lines of your face shape whilst adding polish to all your looks.
mouqy Pearl frame

Mouqy’s sleek geometric Pearl glasses.

Prefer something with a bit more edge? The subtle contours of our Pearl frame may just be what you’re looking for.

For triangle face shapes

mouqy Brainy frame

Mouqy’s elegant metal Brainy frames.

A browline frame is a must-have for those seeking to draw more attention to the upper half of the face or add width to a tighter forehead.

For heart face shapes

mouqy Pacific frame

Mouqy’s aviator 1980s style Pacific pair.

These modern aviators accentuate the cheekbones while playing down a broader forehead, flattering heart shaped faces in every way.

For diamond face shapes

mouqy Enrich frame

Mouqy’s specially-designed titanium Enrich frames.

The slightly tapered style and smart color blocking of our Enrich frame adds width to a narrow forehead and hairline while placing the spotlight on a diamond face’s covetable cheekbones.
For more tips on selecting the perfect frame for your face shape, check out our guides here.

Some styling tips for Korean glasses

Perhaps what makes Korean glasses so universally appealing is that they can be dressed up or down depending on the overall vibe you’re going for.
If you’ve selected a geometric silhouette or an oversized pair, let them take center stage by styling them with a basic t-shirt and jeans, or turn heads by pairing them with your best streetwear.
But if you chose a more classic shape, play up its elegance with minimalist pieces, or try out some retro-inspired pieces for a touch of nostalgia.

See how our glasses look in real-time

Now – Your turn! We at Mouqy carry a wide range of frames to complement every face shape and personality. Browse through our collection and find your perfect pair with our virtual try-on feature today!

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Allysa Gatchalian is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle writer based in Manila. She loves trying out new trends, discovering new k-dramas to watch, and sharing her favorite finds with friends.

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