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Ryan Gosling Glasses: A Look At His Style Evolution

Jamie Mendiola

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Jamie Mendiola

Updated: 20 May 2024 •  
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Ryan Gosling – actor, activist, and an all-round talented man from the Great White North.
You probably know him from the many major blockbusters and indie films he’s starred in.
Apart from his varied filmography, you may also know him for his sense of style. From casual chic white tees on his off-duty days to brightly-colored suits on the red carpet, Ryan’s style is as versatile as his body of work.
Can we say the same for his glasses?
Here’s a play-by-play of his best looks in glasses and how you can recreate them.

What’s the big deal about Ryan Gosling?

ryan gosling smirks

From foot-tapping musicals to edge-of-your-seat spy thrillers, Ryan has built up quite a repertoire in the past few years. Source: BBC

Look at Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters for the past few years, and you’ll see Ryan’s name on many of them.
From putting on his dancing shoes for ‘La La Land’ to kicking serious butt in ‘The Gray Man’, the actor has shown plenty of range.
Aside from his talent and charisma, Ryan Gosling’s A-list status can also be attributed to the seamless way he transforms into each of his characters.
For instance, in the film ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’, Ryan nails the role of a reserved motorcycle stunt rider by rocking full-body tattoos, muscle tees, and a pair of road-friendly wayfarers.
In shocking contrast, Ryan morphed into a sleazy investor with a fake tan and slicked-back hair to play Jared Vennett in ‘The Big Short.’.
So slick, that he called his role in the film a ‘hair-fueled performance.’

When Ryan took ovals to the big screen

ryan gosling wears oval sunglasses in the film set

Oval glasses are flattering for those with angular faces like Ryan. Source: The Fashionisto

If you’re looking for something to elevate your appearance, look at Ryan Gosling in the hit movie, ‘Crazy Stupid Love.’
In it, he embodied the role of modern day Don Juan, Jacob Palmer to perfection in a pair of debonair oval glasses.
Oval frames are particularly flattering for angular features, such as those seen on square and diamond face shapes.
If you want to try them out, here are our some recommendations you can explore on Mouqy.
Dupes for Ryan Gosling’s on-screen oval glasses:



Ryan makes geekiness look hot

ryan gosling wears geeky round glasses

Round frames combine geeky and chic in one go. Source: PopSugar


Outside of work, Ryan has been known to flaunt his geeky side in thick, round glasses.
You’ll often see him rocking the ‘geek chic’ look on special occasions, like the Cannes Film Festival back in 2011.
The pair he wears here is elevated with a checkered gray suit, making Ryan stand out in a sophisticated way.
Round glasses have always been a hit for celebrities. They’re timeless and bring a laid-back vibe to your outfit without overdoing it.
Like oval frames, this design can also soften one’s angular features by contrasting with them and bringing balance.
Steal Ryan Gosling’s sophisticated vibe with these dark round glasses:



Aviators never looked better than on Ryan

Ryan gosling wears aviator glasses in Blue Valentine

Ryan sported a receding hairline and tinted aviators to lend realism to his role as a suburban dad in ‘Blue Valentine’. Source: IMDB


Ryan is also known as a fan of aviator glasses. And for good reason too, since these frames combine form and function in one stylish package.


Ryan gosling wears aviator glasses off screen

Ryan wears a pair of gold aviators off-screen that add a sleek touch to his casual sweater vest. Source: Vogue


You’ll see him rocking these on and off-camera.
However, one of his more memorable looks is definitely the classic pair of aviators he wore in the award-winning ‘Blue Valentine.’
Aviators have been around since the 1930s, with American pilots wearing them during the First World War.
Back then, these cool spectacles were all about protecting pilots’ eyes while flying.
Fast forward to today, aviators have become one of the most popular forms of eyewear.
They come in a wide range of sizes and styles.
Plus, their flattering teardrop shape looks fantastic on oval, diamond, square, and triangle-shaped faces.
Elevate your off-duty style like Ryan Gosling with aviators:



Ryan even rocks the scholarly style

Ryan gosling wears tortoiseshell glasses

Ryan embodies the stylish scholar look in a pair of classic tortoiseshell frames. Source: Daily Mail


During casual days, Ryan wears outfits that have style and comfort in equal measure.
Here, he has on a cozy zip-up sweater and graphic tee paired with a pair of tortoiseshell glasses to give off an effortless yet pulled together aura.
Tortoiseshell glasses are a classic for a reason; they’re quite flattering on almost anyone.
They’re more versatile than you think, and you can match them with outfits that range from casual to cocktail.

Create your movie star vibe with these tortoiseshell frames:



All good things are rectangular for Ryan

Ryan Goslings wears rectangle glasses in All Good Things

Ryan Gosling’s rectangular glasses punctuated the seriousness of his character David Marks in ‘All Good Things’. Source: Pinterest

Ryan always hits the mark on the big screen, whether it’s in terms of his performance or his character’s wardrobe.
In ‘All Good Things’, he wore a no-frills pair of metal rectangular glasses to portray David Marks, a character inspired by real-life convicted murderer Robert Durst.
The choice of eyewear was the perfect finishing touch to bring out the brooding, serious side of this enigmatic role.
Rectangular glasses are best for heart, diamond, and round-shaped faces.
Create your work-friendly signature look with these rectangle glasses:



The signature Ryan Gosling glasses

Ryan wears square sunglasses

Classic square glasses are Ryan’s go-to when he wants to fly under the radar. Source: Style Bistro

Aside from his keen eye for timeless pieces, Ryan Gosling always stuck to a few favorites in his wardrobe.
One of those would be his square-framed glasses.
When he’s out and about and trying to fly under the radar, you’ll see him donning his favorite dark square frames with a black top.

Generally speaking, square glasses are a crowd favorite.
Their angular frames add more dimension to softer features and emphasize the structure of your face.
They’re especially flattering for oval and round faces.
Invest in subtlety with these square frames:



Ryan Gosling’s glasses: balance of style and comfort

Even if you’re not a movie star like Ryan, you can still experiment with different looks simply by putting on different pairs of glasses.
You can even try them on right now, with our virtual try-on tool.
Need to know which glasses suit your face shape first? See our guide!
Be sure to check out more articles from us to help you on your hunt for the perfect eyewear, like our guide on how to buy prescription glasses online.

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