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Harry Potter Glasses: How To Wear Them Like a True Triwizard Champion

Rodman Papros

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Rodman Papros

Updated: 19 May 2024 •  
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If there was a spell for curing myopia (or “awful eyesight” as Hermione puts it), the Harry Potter movies would have been very different. For one, it would’ve been unlikely to see Hermione nonchalantly casting Oculus Reparo on the Chosen One.
Similar to his lightning scar and tousled hair, Harry’s glasses were essential to his character and the story. The distinctive black, round frames with ultra-slim temples and an almost invisible bridge have helped establish the geeky yet heroic character everyone knows and loves.
With his glasses being such a fundamental part of his persona, there’s no need to go full cosplay mode to embody The Boy Who Lived. Wearing glasses like his will do.
Daniel Radcliffe in his iconic round glasses

Daniel Radcliffe looks dashing in his iconic round glasses as he gets into character for the role of a lifetime. (Credit: Warner Bros. / 1492 Pictures / Collection Christophel)

Curious about the story behind the glasses and how you can recreate his look for everyday wear? Let’s dive in!

What glasses does Harry Potter wear?

The glasses Daniel Radcliffe wore in the Harry Potter films were the product of trial and error. Artist William Luff, who designed these glasses, had to test several combinations of materials, colors, and sizes before coming up with the 38-mm round frame with black enamel rims and a matte gray polyurethane wash bridge.
Daniel Radcliffe tries on custom glasses by William Luff

Daniel Radcliffe tries on one of 160 custom glasses hand-made by William Luff exclusively for the Harry Potter films. (Credit: Pinterest)

Understandably, authentic Harry Potter glasses are hard to come by. Should you get a hold of one, you might hesitate to wear it for fashion. A fine keepsake, sure. As an everyday accessory? Perhaps not.
But why go through all that trouble when you can just wear a pair of Bobby eyeglasses from Mouqy? These dainty, black round frames go with most face shapes and sizes, and most importantly — they scream Potter.
mouqy bobby frame

Look through Harry Potter’s eyes with Mouqy’s Bobby frames.


Mouqy round glasses for the Potterheads

Like we said, you don’t need a pair of glasses identical to Harry’s to incorporate his vibes into your style. Remember, it’s the shape that matters most. And at Mouqy, you get to choose from various round glasses.

1. Ken: Round black tortoise

Get ready to have all eyes on you with these thick-rimmed, black tortoise glasses. The compact frames’ decagonal shape breaks away just a little from the straightforward roundness of Harry’s spectacles, if you like a little twist.
Mouqy’s Ken frames

Mouqy’s Ken in black tortoise frames.


2. Moon: Round black silver

If you want something more subtle that won’t draw too much attention, try this pair of round, black and silver glasses with thin rims and translucent nose pads. The dark temple tips add a touch of sophistication that matches any ensemble.
Mouqy’s Moon rims

Mouqy’s Moon in black and silver rims.


3. Designer: Round black silver

There’s nothing standard and straightforward about this next pair of spectacles. The high quality B-titanium full-rimmed frames exude a luxurious and polished appeal, and suits both clear and tinted lenses.
Mouqy’s Designer frames

Mouqy’s Designer in black and silver.


4. Bounce: Round gray

These chic glasses will instantly add a bright glow to the wearer’s face, thanks to their modern and delicate gray rims. However, don’t mistake the delicate design for lack of substance. Like its sister Designer, the frames are made of B-titanium.
Mouqy’s Bounce frames

Mouqy’s Bounce in gray frames.


More characters from Harry Potter who wear glasses

Apart from Harry, many other characters in the series memorably wore glasses of their own.

1. Rita Skeeter

When Rita Skeeter made her first appearance, she was instantly established as the spiteful, backbiting type, thanks in part to her rectangular glasses with brown striped frames and rhinestones, behind which she often cast a judgmental glance from. It worked well with her heart-shaped face and short, blonde curls.
Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter gives the Triwizard champions her signature condescending look. (Credit: Pinterest)

Want her look? Try our chic Ally frames.
Mouqy’s Ally frames

Mouqy’s pink rectangle Ally frames.


2. Luna Lovegood

Luna’s Spectrespecs’ screen time was brief, but it gave us a clear glimpse into the character’s eccentric perspective on the world. The large, flamboyant frames and foreboding dark lenses were meant to make you look like a “demented, multicolored owl”, though we daresay Luna pulls them off pretty well.
Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs

Although they only make an appearance in one film, Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs have become an indelible part of her image. (Credit: Pinterest)

If you want to bring out Luna’s quirky spirit and still make it work for everyday wear, try our whimsical Firefly frames.
Mouqy’s Firefly frames

Mouqy’s cat-eyed blue Firefly frames.


3. Myrtle Warren

If Myrtle wasn’t known for moaning and haunting a Hogwarts bathroom, you would think she’s Harry with hair extensions. Those inimitable, round frames and clear lenses bear a striking resemblance to Harry’s glasses. The main difference is that while Harry’s glasses have a black rim, Myrtle’s have copper ones.
Myrtle Warren’s antique copper glasses

Myrtle Warren’s wide eyes are magnified through her antique copper glasses, which give away the decades she’s spent haunting Hogwarts. (Credit: Pinterest)

Want something similar? These rose gold Noble frames are a stylish update of Myrtle’s signature specs, and are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who meets your gaze.
Mouqy’s Noble frames

Mouqy’s round rose gold Noble frames.


4. Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall commands any room she walks into, and her imposing presence would not be complete without those oval-rimmed glasses with a curved bridge. The unique spectacles were key to bringing out her stern and no-nonsense personality.
Professor McGonagall

Professor McGonagall’s eyes — and glasses — see and know all. (Credit: Pinterest)

With our Dreamy glasses, you can bring out your inner McGonagall and make an entrance wherever you go.
Mouqy’s Dreamy glasses

Mouqy’s oval pink Dreamy glasses.


How to style round eyeglasses for everyday wear

As a general rule, round glasses work best with angular faces. That said, this rule isn’t set in stone. After all, a younger Daniel Radcliffe had yet to grow out of his baby face in the first two Harry Potter movies, making his face rounder then. Face shape aside, the size of the glasses, your skin tone, makeup, and outfit also play a part when choosing the right specs.
While you should choose a frame shape that contrasts with your face shape, it’s the opposite when selecting a frame or lens color. For example, if you have light skin, pair it with light-colored frames or lenses for a complementary touch. The same goes if you have blonde hair.
Outfit-wise, while round glasses may have once been thought of as a nerd’s domain, celebrities like John Lennon — and of course, the subject of this piece — have made them stylish in a geek-chic way. Hence, there are no rules as to what outfits these glasses can go with. Your round glasses are sure to elevate your look instantly.

Things you probably didn’t know about Harry Potter’s glasses

Did you know that during a press conference in 2005 (around the time Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiered), J.K. Rowling told ITV “cub reporters’ the two reasons Harry Potter wore glasses?

  • She hated that characters with glasses are stereotyped as the “brainy ones,” and she “wanted to read about a hero wearing glasses”.

  • Harry is “the eyes on to the books” as the story is told from “Harry’s point of view”, so the glasses are a symbol of that.

J.K. Rowling said she gave Harry glasses

J.K. Rowling said she gave Harry glasses to beat the stereotype of characters with glasses as the “brainy ones”. (Credit: Buzzfeed)

Did you also know that different lenses were used for various scenes to get the best light reflection? One of the hacks that the crew figured out along the way was that applying a photographic straw-colored, low-bloom anti-reflective coating on the lenses worked magic. It reduced the reflectiveness of the glasses, giving more flexibility in terms of camerawork. The result was shots that clearly showed Radcliffe’s piercing blue eyes. All in all, Daniel Radcliffe wore 160 pairs of glasses throughout the making of the films.
Initially, the frames of Harry’s glasses were made of nickel silver. However, the production crew later discovered Radcliffe was allergic to nickel. They then replaced it with 18-carat rolled gold. Naturally, glasses with 18-karat gold frames are not available commercially. As such, the glasses you see in the movies are props created specially for filming, and expensive ones at that.

What glasses does Daniel Radcliffe wear?

Since graduating from the Harry Potter franchise, Radcliffe has famously banned himself from wearing glasses, and stated he will wear contact lenses or triangular glasses if his vision ever gets impaired.
While he has no need for visual correction in real life, we do see the prolific actor wearing various glasses in other movies he’s made ever since. For instance, in My Boy Jack where he played the titular character, he wore round glasses that have shinier, silver frames with an oval shape.
Radcliffe as Jack in My Boy Jack

Radcliffe emits a different energy with oval, silver glasses, a slicked back side part, and dark brown suit as Jack in My Boy Jack. (Credit: Pinterest)

In Escape from Pretoria, he wore regular non-prescription glasses with oversized rims to channel imprisoned political activist Tim Jenkin, whose story the movie is based on.
Daniel Radcliffe in Escape from Pretoria movie

Daniel Radcliffe donned non-prescription glasses with oversized rims to bring the role of Tim Jenkin to life in Escape from Pretoria. (Credit: Film Stories)

Most recently, the actor played Al Yankovic in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, where he wore probably the largest eyeglasses known to mankind. Nonetheless, it fits him strangely well, like all the glasses he’s had over the years.
Radcliffe as Al Yankovic

Radcliffe is almost unrecognizable in American singer Al Yankovic’s signature giant spectacles and 80s cop-like mustache, which he dons in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. (Credit: NME)


Try on your favorite Harry Potter glasses

The Harry Potter books and films may have ended, but the creativity and magic they evoke in us are alive and well. Similarly, the fashion trends it sparked years ago won’t be going away anytime soon.
If you’re having a hard time choosing from the selections above, you can experience a bit of real-life magic and try them all in the comfort of your home with our virtual try-on feature.

Rodman Papros

Written by:

Rodman Papros

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