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Jennifer Aniston’s Glasses Style: A Friend of Eyewear

Jamie Mendiola

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Jamie Mendiola

Updated: 23 July 2024 •  
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Jennifer Aniston: we all know her.
If you’re one of the lucky people who was part of Friends at its peak, you were probably there for her dizzying ascent to one of the world’s most recognisable fashion icons.
Today, we’re zeroing in one of the centerpieces of her look: glasses.
Let’s find out how her style has evolved and check out some dupes for her famous specs along the way.

Why Jenn?

jennifer aniston with the rachel cut

Jennifer Aniston is seen here with the ‘Rachel’, an iconic shoulder-length haircut that made waves in the 90s. Source: Biography

If you look at how her career started, you can tell Jennifer Joanna Aniston was destined to be a star.
Despite having a few false starts in television in the early 90s, she got two life-changing offers in 1994.
One was a featured player on Saturday Night Live, and the other was the role of Rachel Green on the then-upcoming sitcom named ‘Friends.’
No prizes for guessing which one Jenn went with.
The rest, as they say, is history.
And oh boy, what history this show made, in the span of 236 episodes.
Jenn’s beauty and Rachel Green’s enviable wardrobe soon put her at the forefront of an entire fashion movement.
Everyone in the 90s wanted to look like her, and some of you might even remember the ‘Rachel’ hairstyle, a voluminous shoulder-length ‘do that was somewhere between a shag and a bob.
Outside of Rachel Green, Jenn still made headlines for her casual yet effortlessly chic off-duty style.
It got to the extent where even the eyeglasses she wore became a hot topic for fashion enthusiasts.

Jennifer’s stolen Chandler Bing glasses

jennifer aniston at the premiere of good will hunting in 1997 wearing the chandler bing glasses from the Friends set

Jennifer Aniston wearing her ‘stolen’ Chandler Bing glasses during the premiere of ‘Good Will Hunting’ in 1997. Source: Pinterest

One of Jenn’s earlier eyewear staples was her pair of ‘stolen’ Chandler Bing glasses.
No one knows for sure if she stole it from the set or not, but we can’t blame her.
Tiny oval specs were all the rage in the 90s, after all.
Despite first becoming popular over 30 years ago, oval glasses have evolved into a classic style, giving off retro chic and minimalist elegance at the same time.
Plus, it works great to balance out angular features like Jenn’s jawline and chin.
Here are some glasses from Mouqy that can help you get Jenn’s look on a budget:
The rimless Innocent with an oval frame, in silver.

The rimless Dreamy frame, in pink.


When Jenn wore wayfarers

Jennifer Aniston wears wayfarers with gradient tinted lenses

Jennifer Aniston wears wayfarers with gradient tinted lenses for a day out in NYC. Source: Who What Wear

If there’s an IT eyewear item that any fashion lover or celeb should have, it’ll probably be a sturdy pair of wayfarers.
Naturally, Jennifer Aniston has hers as well.
It’s easy to see why wayfarers are such a beloved celebrity staple.
It’s a stylish, classic way to shield your eyes not only from harmful UV rays, but more importantly from the glaring flashes of paparazzi cameras.
Since this style has become so accessible, you can easily steal her look!
Our Swift with clip-on sunglasses make it easy to switch between indoors and outdoors, even when you need prescription glasses:


Did she fly with those aviators?

Jennifer Aniston wears gold metal aviator glasses at the ew popfest

Jennifer Aniston’s gold metal aviators add a touch of sparkle to her all-black ensemble here at EW Popfest. Source: Daily Mail

Throughout her career, Jennifer Aniston’s style and outfits have continued to evolve.
However, there are a few favorites she’s remained loyal to, like these gold metal aviators.
Aviators were traditionally known as men’s glasses back in the 70s.
However, as eyeglasses became more colorful and varied, they’ve now become a unisex accessory.
Here are a couple of sleek aviators to help you fly high in any occasion.
The Burgundy aviator with wooden temple arms:

The Denica aviator in light gold:


How rectangle glasses fitted Jenn’s face

jennifer aniston wears rectangle glasses in a spanish tv show

Rectangular glasses are flattering for round and soft features. Source: Pop Sugar

The best fashion advice that anyone can follow is to know what works for you.
In Jenn’s case, she’s always known how to play up her facial features.
A great example would be when she wore full-rimmed tortoiseshell rectangular frames on a Spanish TV show.
They’re something a little out of the ordinary for her, but as always the star makes them work.
Rectangular frames offer a flattering edge to round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.
And if it’s in tortoiseshell, you’ll make some heads turn for sure.
Recreate this sophisticated vibe with these rectangular glasses – all with spring hinges!
The Dan frame with a keyhole bridge.

The Matix with a standard rectangular, tortoise frame.

The Genius frame, made of acetate.


Jenn’s Bounty Hunter glasses look

Jennifer Aniston wears oversized oval sunglasses in the Bounty Hunter movie

Jenn went for a different look with oversized oval sunglasses in ‘The Bounty Hunter’ alongside Gerard Butler. Source: Like a Film Star

Aside from ‘Friends,’ Jennifer Aniston made her mark in numerous film projects as well.
One of those is an action comedy film called ‘The Bounty Hunter,’ where she sported a pair of memorably oversized oval sunglasses with translucent brown rims.
The brown frames flatter Jenn’s tanned complexion and dirty blonde hair, showing once again how well she (or at least her stylist) understands how to complement and accentuate her features.
If this has made you want to try brown glasses or at least something that leans toward brown, here are some our picks:
The Orient with a square frame in transparent brown.

The Natty cat eye in light brown.


When Jenn tried fair and square frames

Jennifer Aniston wears classic square black glasses

Black has always been Jenn’s color, which makes this pair of classic square black frames so fitting for her. Source: CBS News

Square frames are super flattering for a soft and round face shape.
For Jenn who has an oval face, this type of frames balances out her features and gives them more dimension.
Picking them in a neutral like black is also a smart choice, as they’ll go with pretty much any outfit.
If you do want to switch it up a bit, you can also opt for square frames in subtle yet interesting patterns.
Here are some Mouqy frames for your consideration:
The Quiet in square black frame.

The Quote frame with keyhole bridge.

The Hype frame in stripe gray.


Jennifer Aniston’s style: comfort meets fashion

Jennifer Aniston’s style and glasses have never missed the mark, so what better way to up your eyewear game than look to her for inspiration?
If you want to try out the glasses we’ve shared today, you can do so from the comfort of home with our virtual try-on tool.
And of course, you can always count on Mouqy’s blog for more fashion tips and tricks like this.

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