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BTS with Glasses & Their Favorite Styles (That We Can’t Get Enough Of!)

Updated: 12 June 2024 •  
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Pop culture sensation BTS is globally adored not just for their music, but also for their killer sense of style.
And just like how every member of a k-pop group has their own unique position or set of roles, the guys also have distinct personalities that can be seen through their fashion choices. But one thing they all have in common is their shared love for eyewear.
Here at Mouqy, we believe that glasses should be an extension of your character, which is why it’s always refreshing to see stars have fun with their look. So if you haven’t quite found your own personal aesthetic yet, then perhaps the guys of BTS can lend you a hand.
So – let’s explore each member’s eyewear preferences, shall we?

1. Jin and his dapper D-frames

Jin and his dapper D-frames

Jin looks effortlessly charming in a black tee and d-frame specs. Source: Pinterest

Dubbed as ‘worldwide handsome’ by ARMYs all around the globe, vocalist and oldest member Kim Seokjin (or Jin, for short) needs no introduction. And if you’ve been following him for a while, then you’ll know that Jin has been wearing prescription glasses since childhood, and has also revealed that he needs a high power to correct his farsightedness.
When Jin isn’t in contact lenses for performances and red carpets, you’ll find him sporting glasses in classic silhouettes, such as these black d-frame specs which nicely added to his boy-next-door vibe. So if you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated pair that’ll stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with Jin’s understatedly versatile frames. Oh, and did we mention that d-frames look good on every face shape?
Try out the silhouette for yourself:
Mouqy's queen frames

Mouqy’s Queen with a black square frame.


2. RM’s stunning rounded specs

RM's stunning rounded specs

RM’s browline frames aptly show off his intellectual side. Source: Pinterest

Just like his big brother Jin, BTS’ leader and lyrical genius Kim Namjoon (popularly known as RM) has also spoken about his eyesight struggles, and mentioned that he needed prescription glasses for his nearsightedness. As a matter of fact, the rapper has been wearing them more frequently for red carpets and interviews as of late, and we definitely aren’t complaining!
Not only do his browline frames highlight his astoundingly high IQ of 148, the rounded shape also complemented the warm and approachable aura that fans know and love. They go so well with his heart-shaped face too.
Copy RM’s look:
Mouqy's brainy frames

Mouqy’s Brainy with a black-silver combo.


3. V and these geometric wire frames

V and these geometric wire frames

V’s geometric frames are playfully classy. Source: Pinterest

With visuals as stunning as his, it’s no wonder Kim Taehyung (better known by his stage name V) is able to flawlessly pull off any concept, and the same goes for his many eyewear looks. While he does wear prescription glasses like the other members, V also loves making a statement with non-prescription eyewear on stage too.
We’re huge fans of V’s eclectic style, and love the fact that he never shies away from trying out new trends. Case in point: these oversized geometric frames that’re both unconventional yet elegant. What’s more, geometric glasses are also incredibly flattering on all face shapes, and are great for introducing more angles to faces with softer features like V’s.
Steal V’s style:
Mouqy's initiate frames

Mouqy’s Initiate with a geometric frame in silver.


4. J-Hope looking suave in aviators

J-Hope looking suave in aviators

J-Hope makes aviators look super cool and refined. Source: Pinterest

Main dancer and lead rapper Jung Hoseok (or J-Hope) is apparently the only member who doesn’t need a prescription (if only we could all be this lucky), though he still likes wearing non-prescription glasses on occasion to accentuate his bold and upbeat looks.
His penchant for street style is exemplified by his choice of retro aviator frames, featuring a classic teardrop shape that complemented his high cheekbones well. The subtle tint in his lenses are a nice touch too, giving off an air of effortless cool.
Get J-Hope’s look:
Mouqy's denica frames

Mouqy’s Denica aviator in light gold.


5. Jungkook in his quirky stylish frames

Jungkook in his quirky stylish frames

Youngest member Jungkook in a pair of adorable round frames. Source: Pinterest

Contrary to his piercings, tattoos, and strong stage presence, ARMYs know that maknae Jungkook is really just a big softie at heart. He’s got the bubbliest personality, which is perfectly captured by his quirky round metal frames. We love the contrast of the black and gold too, which totally fits the duality Jungkook has as an idol.
Jungkook is known to have a mild prescription, so it makes sense that he usually goes for thin metal frames to keep his look light. Though even if you have a higher prescription, opting for our high-index lenses will allow you to pull off slimmer frames without worrying about your lenses poking out from the sides.
Add this Jungkook-approved frame to cart:
Mouqy's occasion frames

Mouqy’s Occasion with a black-gold round frame.


6. Jimin in fun square frames

Jimin in fun square frames

Jimin’s oversized square frames suit his features and personality to a T. Source: Pinterest

Park Jimin has a reputation of being the kindest and most empathetic one of the group, making all those around him feel valued and cared for. Members have often spoken about his sincerity and his ability to simply ‘go with the flow’, easily adapting to different situations, surroundings and people.
His chameleon-like personality and talent for bringing out the best in others carries over to his choice of eyewear too. These translucent frames, in particular, are guaranteed to look good with any outfit, while the square shape adds structure and shows off its wearer’s best features. We also like the fun and youthful vibe the oversized silhouette gives as well.
Here’s a tinted version that’s just as versatile:
Mouqy's navy frames

Mouqy’s Navy with a transparent square frame.


7. Suga in these smart browline frames

Suga in these smart browline frames

Suga’s angular browline frames are a perfect fit for his face shape and personality. Source: Pinterest

Being part of the hyung line, Min Yoongi (a.k.a. Suga) is known to be the cool and collected member of the group. Logical and strategic, it’s no wonder Suga is able to balance multiple projects at the same time, excelling not only as a rapper, but as a songwriter and producer too. To help him perform all his tasks well, he relies on prescription glasses to help him see clearly and work efficiently.
His pragmatic approach to life is best expressed by his angular browline frames, which boast clean lines and attention to detail. But even though they look quite serious at first glance, you’ll be surprised with how nicely they pair with more fun pieces (kinda like Suga and the members, don’t you think?)
Embrace your studious side:
Mouqy's dawn frames

Mouqy’s Dawn with a browline frame.

And there you have it! 7 different frames for 7 exceptional individuals. If you enjoyed this post, do check out our other blogs for more k-fashion trends, eyewear style guides, and some helpful eyecare tips.
What’s more, we’ve also made buying glasses online super easy with Mouqy’s virtual try-on tool. Simply use your camera or upload a photo, and see how good our frames look on you in real time!

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