Do you ever hesitate to try on glasses because you worry they may not complement your rounder face?
If so, you’re not alone. In fact, this is a common struggle that many people can relate to.
Fret not, however. We’re here to help guide you towards the right glasses that will not only enhance your natural features, but achieve a slimming effect too!

Frames that slim down rounder faces

1. Square frames can add balance

When a rounder face is paired with square glasses, it creates a contrasting effect that lends more harmony to your overall appearance.
The strong and straight lines of square glasses can give your face definition while creating the illusion of length and slimness.
The Ella frames are perfect if you want to make a bold statement with color.

Its square frames and full-rim design exudes immaculate style and versatility.
If you’re looking for something more minimalist, these Suzy frames are your best bet.

Expertly crafted with B-Titanium, they also have the benefits of being lightweight and durable.

2. Geometric frames add dimension

Geometric frames have a unique and angular shape that helps add dimension and balance to the face.
As the angles will be the main focal attention, geometric glasses can create the illusion of a more defined and slimmer look for your face.
With their geometric shape and cool dark blue finish, the Judy frames strike the perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness.

The Elan frames boast a sleek shape and minimalist rose gold finish that complement any outfit you wear them with.


3. Cat-eye glasses lift the face

Cat-eye glasses are great for adding shape to fuller cheeks, as well as bringing emphasis to your eyes and brows.
With its bold upswept corners, it creates a “lifting” effect on the face.
The Wink frames are the perfect blend of femininity and elegance, thanks to their flattering cat-eye shape and pastel pink color.

If you want to embrace a more refined and retro aesthetic, the Lulu frames allow you to do just that with frames crafted from a blend of tortoiseshell acetate materials.


4. Go oversized to add length

While choosing the right frame shape is important, another key factor to consider is the size of the frames.
Oversized glasses can be a great choice as they add structure and length to the face.
And the best part about oversized glasses?
They instantly make a statement.
The Utopia frames are the epitome of modern style, thanks to their bold and striking green hue.

With its stylish white metal browline design, these Vivid frames easily add a touch of glamor to any outfit.


5. Pick frames in darker colors

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses is like putting together a puzzle — every piece matters.
One piece that often gets overlooked is the color of the frames, and they too can impact how they flatter your face shape.
If you have a rounder face, darker colors like black or deep navy can be your best friend.
These colors have a slimming effect and make your face appear more angular.
This is because darker colors absorb light and create a shadow effect, which helps create the illusion of more defined features.
In contrast, lighter colors may have the opposite effect.
It reflects light and makes the face look softer and rounder.
With their versatile design and timeless color, the Karina frames make a chic accessory that instantly elevates any outfit.

Effortless style and comfort meet in this Anonymous pair, which features a subtle cat-eye design for a touch of sophistication.


What to avoid on chubbier rounder faces

woman with round face wearing a pair of round glasses

Not all frame shapes and styles work well on rounder faces.


Smaller or shorter frames

Frames that are too small or short can emphasize the roundness of one’s face.
This is because they don’t provide enough coverage for the face, which in turn accentuates the roundness of one’s cheeks and jawline.

Round or oval-shaped frames

While round or oval-shaped frames can be fun and trendy, there may be better choices for those with rounder faces.
This is because these shapes tend to imitate the contours of the face, therefore accentuating any roundness that’s present.

Rimless frames

While they may be stylish and minimalist, rimless frames aren’t always the most flattering choice for individuals with rounder faces.
The main reason is that they may not provide enough structure or definition for a face that has softer edges.

Other things to consider when picking out glasses

Eye color

closeup of an eye with gray iris

Different frame colors and styles can bring out unique hues in your eyes.

The color of your eyes can affect how specific frame colors and styles look on you.
For example, if you have blue eyes, frames in warm colors like brown and gold can help to bring out the blue in your eyes.
Similarly, if you have green eyes, frames in cool colors like black and gray can help your eyes to stand out.
person with long brown hair with back turned

Hair color affects the balance and contrast between the frame color and your skin.

Your hair color also has an effect on how glasses look on you.
For example, if you have blonde hair, lighter frames can create a more cohesive look, while those with darker hair can opt for bolder frames as a way to make a statement.


a woman with warm complexion

Your complexion can also help you determine which frame colors will look best on you.

If you have a cooler complexion with pink or blue undertones, frames in cool colors like blue and purple can be particularly flattering.
If your complexion has yellow or golden undertones, frames in warm colors such as brown and orange will likely suit you better.
To find out more about how to pick a glasses color, check out our detailed guide here.

Final thoughts on choosing glasses for a slimmer face

a woman with dreadlocks wearing a pair of thin round glasses

Choose frames that help create a more balanced look for your face.

To achieve a flattering and stylish look for rounder faces, follow these tips when choosing glasses:

  • Look for sharp or unique frame shapes like square, geometric, or cat eye frames;

  • Choose oversized frames to balance out your face;

  • Pick darker-colored frames to create a slimming effect; and

  • Avoid smaller or round frames, as well as rimless styles.

While choosing the right frame design is essential, it’s also crucial that your glasses fit well.
Poorly fitting glasses can not only be uncomfortable, but also throw off the proportions of your face and create a less-than-flattering look.
To ensure a proper fit, get precise measurements for your face and choose glasses with the right frame measurements.