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15 Aesthetic Glasses Trends We’re Loving from TikTok

Jamie Mendiola

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Jamie Mendiola

Updated: 20 May 2024 •  
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Looking to spice up your look with some snazzy eyewear? TikTok’s got you covered!
The addictive app has become a creative hub for fashionistas worldwide, so much so that it has even revived a few style eras from the past.
And when it comes to eyewear, TikTok creators are paving the way for both new and renewed trends.
So, keep scrolling to explore the top aesthetic glasses that are trending on TikTok.
Just be warned: you may be tempted to add these to your cart soon.

1. Metallic glasses

Elegant and timeless metallic frames that never go out of style

Metallic frames have a timeless look to them that never goes out of style.

If you’ve ever struggled to find your signature style, start with a classic pair of metallic frames.
You’ll never miss the mark with these on.
lynelissa wears metal glasses on tiktok

Lynelissa posts a lot of POV content that often shows her wearing metallic frames. Source: TikTok

Whether you wear them in gold, bronze, or silver, these frames will never look out of a place with the rest of your outfit.
For this reason and more, you’ll see TikTok creators like Lynelissa (@lynelisxx) rock these frames, especially in her POV videos.
Here are some of our top picks among the metallic frames we carry.



2. Cat-eye glasses

Versatile cat-eye glasses that complement both round and angular faces

Cat-eye glasses fit both round and angular faces well.

If you want to sprinkle some classic Hollywood magic wherever you go, look no further than a pair of cat-eye glasses.
These frames are one of the most effortless ways to elevate your look.
Cat-eye frames are flattering on a wide range of face shapes, from round to square to diamond to triangle.
That’s why you’ll see influencers like Ana Saia wearing them on the daily.

ana saia wears cat eye glasses on tiktok

Ana Saia is often seen wearing her cat-eye frames in videos. Source: TikTok




3. Coastal granddaughter

Characteristic glasses of the coastal granddaughter aesthetic: pastels, creams, and light tortoiseshell frames

The coastal granddaughter aesthetic usually features pastels, creams, and light tortoiseshell glasses.

If you’ve been on TikTok for some time, you’ve probably heard of the ‘coastal grandmother’ aesthetic where one dresses like a rich lady on vacation in a beach house.
However, did you know it has a younger and more relaxed spinoff?
Let us introduce you to the ‘coastal granddaughter’ aesthetic. It’s all about youthful pastels and creams.
Basically, a modern and less ‘put-together’ version of the coastal grandma fashion.
Here’s Chandler DeHart showing us how it’s done.

chandler dehart wears glasses for the coastal granddaughter aesthetic on tiktok

Chandler DeHart embodies the coastal granddaughter aesthetic in luxe tortoiseshell glasses. Source: TikTok


With this aesthetic, you can get into light tortoiseshell glasses and combine them with pastel-colored or striped outfits.
A pair of clip-on sunglasses can also work well here to prepare you for all the sun in the fun you’ll be getting.
Get yourself coastal-ready with these tortoiseshell glasses.


4. Y2K glasses

Vibrant and oversized glasses embodying the Y2K aesthetic with unabashedly bright colors

The Y2K aesthetic is defined by unabashedly bright colors and oversized glasses.

No matter what your thoughts on this divisive aesthetic may be, Y2K is here to stay.
Since originating in the early 2000s, the Y2K aesthetic has evolved and become modernized while staying true to its defining elements of bright colors, maximalism, and oversized frames.
sara camposarcone wears y2k glasses on tiktok

Sara Camposarcone is always showing off her zany Y2K eyewear collection in her content. Source: TikTok

Remember, if it’s not fun and playful, it’s not Y2K.
Sara Camposarcone, a self-proclaimed maximalist on TikTok, does it best with her sustainable collection of huge Y2K glasses.
Get in on the trend with these bold frames.


5. Mermaidcore

Mermaidcore aesthetic featuring shades of blue, metallic accents, and flowing silhouettes

Mermaidcore comes with shades of blue, metallic accents, and flowy silhouettes. Source: SSENSE

When it comes to fashion, it’s never too late to indulge in your childhood fantasy.
If you ever wanted to be a mermaid growing up, good news — mermaidcore is here to save the day.
As its name suggests, mermaidcore is inspired by the sea and the mythological half human, half fish creatures that live in it.
Avid fans of this aesthetic like to dress up in varying shades of blue and metallics in flowy silhouettes.
artsynya with the mermaidcore aesthetic on tiktok

@artsynya demonstrating how to create a mermaidcore outfit in seconds. Source: TikTok

You’ll see it perfectly emulated in content creators like Nya (@artsynya), who posted a quick GRWM video featuring this aesthetic.
Recreate the elegant mermaid look with these dreamy frames.


6. Pink glasses

The upcoming Barbie film creating a trend of all-pink looks and making waves

The upcoming ‘Barbie’ film is already making waves by making all-pink looks a trend. Source: People

Did you know that the color of the year is pink?
Well, Viva Magenta to be exact, but it’s a hot pink nonetheless.
From Valentino’s Fall/Winter ‘22/23 collection to the upcoming ‘Barbie’ movie starring Margot Robbie, pink is having a resurgence right now.
bruna barbie wears pink glasses on tiktok

Bruna Barbie is the queen of pink, what with pink glasses, an all-pink outfit, and a pink home. Source: TikTok

While it may not look it, pink can actually be such a versatile color and add an element of fun to your outfit.
Just look at Bruna Barbie (@brunabarbieoficial), who launched her TikTok career on the back of her love of pink.
Get a touch of pink in your outfit with these Barbie-inspired picks.


7. Round glasses

Round frames complement angular face shapes such as square, heart, and diamond

Round frames look best on angular face shapes like square, heart, and diamond

In the market for a pair of specs that’s on trend yet timeless?
Then it’s high time you get round frames.
Round frames give off a sophisticated, retro-chic vibe that turns heads without being in-your-face.
It’s equally popular among celebrities and influencers like Annz (@annzxk), who is never without her faithful round specs.

annz wears round glasses on tiktok

Annz’s round glasses are a staple of her looks in videos. Source: TikTok


Round eyeglasses are also versatile as they come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and sizes to suit different looks.
Generally speaking, they look best on diamond, heart, and square-shaped faces since they can add balance to their angular features.
Become an all-rounder in these round glasses we picked out for you.



8. Clear glasses

Clear frames accentuate your face with their clean and minimalist lines

Clear frames show off your face with their clean, minimalist lines.

If you’re intimidated by some of the wilder colors and patterns on here, you can always lean into the basics.
Something clean and minimalist like clear frames might be more up your alley.
Clear frames is Gen Z’s answer to those who aren’t fans of the more maximalist trends out there.
With this eyewear, you can fully let your facial features — especially your eyes — shine.

Roni shows off her creativity in a colorful makeup look to match her clear glasses. Source: TikTok

Look at Roni (@percievemepls), for instance. She went viral for creating glasses-shaped eye makeup looks to complement her clear frames.
Recreate her confident vibe with our favorite transparent specs.



9. 90s-inspired oval glasses

The resurgence of mini oval sunglasses, making a comeback from the 90s

Mini oval sunglasses have made a comeback from the 90’s.

The 90’s was such an iconic era for oval glasses.
From Keanu Reeves in ‘The Matrix’ to Chandler Bing in ‘Friends,’ there were numerous cultural icons of the time that wore them.
And now, it’s made a comeback.
Stars and social media personalities like Emma Chamberlain (@emmachamberlain) have turned the tide to make 90s oval sunglasses cool again.
"Emma Chamberlain and other social media stars bringing back the popularity of 90s oval glasses

Emma Chamberlain is one of many social media stars who have repopularized 90’s oval glasses. Source: Instagram



10. Wooden frames

Wooden frames as a distinctive alternative to plastic or metal frames, breaking away from the ordinary

Wooden frames are a great alternative if you find plastic or metal frames too run-of-the-mill.

Bohemian chic enthusiasts, listen up!
If you want to have your moment, wooden frames are just what you need to elevate your look.
If you want something different than the standard plastic and metal options out there, wood is the material to go for.
As a bonus, they feel extra comfortable.
If you need any more convincing, even Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch) has a pair.
Bella Poarch rocking a casual look with a disheveled bun and stylish wooden spectacles

Bella Poarch keeps it casual in a disheveled bun and wooden spectacles. Source: Instagram



11. Aviators

Aviators reclaiming the spotlight following the success of Top Gun

Aviators have returned to the spotlight since the success of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. Source: Bloomberg

Thanks to ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, aviators have resurged in popularity.
While this trend never really left, it has made its mark on a new generation thanks to content creators like Tanner Hendrickson (@tanners.tiktok) flaunting them on TikTok.
tanner hendrickson wears aviator glasses on tiktok

Tanner Hendrickson channels the 90’s heartthrob look with slicked back hair and aviators. Source: TikTok

Aviators look especially cool on a triangle, diamond, or square face. Here are a few pairs we’ve curated from Mouqy that’ll have you flying high.



12. Geometric glasses

Geometric glasses with a futuristic vibe, standing out from the rest

Geometric glasses have a futuristic vibe that stands out from the rest. Source: Pinterest

Unlike some of the names on this list, geometric vibes look like they’ve come from the future.
They’re quirky, creative, and all-around fun to wear.
They’re also very flattering on oval or round faces, as they add more dimension to their softer features.
kris hc wears geometric glasses on tiktok

Kris HC makes a strong case for the geometric glasses trend in this oversized tinted pair, shown here during a skit. Source: TikTok

Just look at comedian and content creator Kall Me Kris (@kallmekris), who performed a skit in oversized geometric tinted glasses.
Here are a few cute selections to help you step out of your comfort zone.



13. Gradient/two-tone glasses

Adding a vibrant pop of color to your ensemble with gradient and two-toned frames

Gradient and two-toned frames add a fun pop of color to your ensemble. Source: Pinterest

If you’ve always been a black-and-white fashionista, playing with colors might be too intimidating at first.
So, here’s an easy way to add a pop of color: wear gradient or two-tone glasses.
maile wears gradient sunglasses on tiktok

Maile made a fit check video with gradient mirror glasses. Source: TikTok

Maile did it best in her fit check video, where she let her gradient glasses become her outfit’s centerpiece.
Try out the gradient/two-tone trend for yourself with these Mouqy specs.


14. Bold prints

elton john wearing a pair of purple acetate glasses

Elton John wears a pair of frames with bold prints – not for the faint of heart, but they do leave a lasting impression.

Finding your unique style is all about experimentation.
Along the way, you might even want to try out something totally different, like bold prints on your spectacles.
There’s no exact print that you need to wear for this trend; it’s all about putting your personality on full display.
alevintages wears glasses with bold print on tiktok

AleVintages brought disco back in statement-making striped glasses. Source: TikTok

Just look to AleVintages (@alevintages) for inspiration, who took dopamine dressing to new heights with her disco-inspired striped frames.
Here are some zany frames that will let your eyes do all the talking.



15. Embellished glasses

Embellished glasses adorned with various accessories, such as trinkets and gems

Embellished glasses can be adorned with all manner of accessories, including trinkets and gems. Source: Pinterest

Last, but not the least, TikTok has fallen in love with all things that sparkle.
We’re talking about embellished glasses adorned with gems, pearls, and other embellishments.
The sky’s the limit here, as you can customize your glasses to your liking and creativity.
sophitiya wears emebellished glasses on tiktok

Sophiyita, a.k.a. @menswearsoph shows off her Vegas outfit, which featured a pair of embellished glasses and sequinned separates. Source: TikTok

Sophiyita (@menswearsoph) demonstrated how to pull off this trend by building her entire outfit around her embellished frames.
Pretty cool, right?
Get this look for yourself with our glittering faves.



Aesthetic glasses: more than just TikTok trends

If there’s one thing that TikTok has taught us, it’s to never be afraid to have fun and keep an open mind.
After all, you’ll never know you really feel about a trend until you try it on yourself.
If you enjoyed this article, there’s more where this came from!
Check out our full aesthetic glasses collection here at Mouqy.

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